Become An Insider, Get Coaching and MasterMind Access To Ademola Morebise

There are 5 major challenges business owners and professionals face.

Let us conquer them together when you join The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind program.

Do you currently face one or more of these challenges in your business:

No Clarity

You cannot really seem to understand what your business is really about. You do not know how to get people take interest in what you do, you do not even seem to be able to understand your clients and get them to pay for your services.

Lack of Marketplace Visibility

You have tried hard and invested a lot of money, time and effort. Yet, nobody knows that you exist! The old ways of marketing do not work anymore. You need a marketplace strategy that actually works in this digital age.

Inefficient Processes

You run your business without any definite plan, structure or processes. Business processes makes it easy to scale up businesses and make them bigger, however, lack of a structure, lack of well defined processes are wasting your time, resources and keeping you small.

No Support System

In business, you cannot go it alone. You need strategic partners that can help you access new markets, new communities and right now, you have none. Worse still; you have no idea how to get such partnerships

No Strategic Marketplace Positioning

There are thousands of other businesses out there in the same space you are working in… and so, you are crowded out. You are not making any impact or exerting any influence in the marketplace.


If you are one of the 10 people I personally work with in 2018 through The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind program, you can forget about all these challenges.

The Insiders is my Coaching and MasterMind program where “we”: you and me work together over a period of time (6months, 1 year or whatever time period you choose) and try to create a very specific result in your business.

Working together, we will:

  1. Clarify your business, we will peel back layer-by-layer and arrive at the core. Once we discover what makes you and your business tick. Things pick up fast.
  2. We develop your customer avatar and go full “stalker mode” by learning all we can about your kind of customers and how to break into their world. No more cold reception. Ever.
  3. I will share with you my Digital Marketing Domination thinking and framework. You will maximise your reach, while minimising your costs, and yet getting amazing results from your digital marketing campaigns.
  4. Discover how to setup a simple system that works day-and-night, bringing you new business leads.
  5. There are a couple of processes every business needs in order to thrive. It is one of the best kept secret of efficient businesses, we open them up to you too!
  6. We review your business processes and ensure that you are running as efficiently as possible.
  7. You will discover how to boost your productivity at least 10x through a magical combination of outsourcing, tech and some real magic… (Sort of. Ok, not really magic… but very powerful and transformative)
  8. I will share some of my own productivity strategies that helps me navigate my complex web of business and other pursuits
  9. You will discover how to position yourself in a way that clients will never forget about you; never again!
  10. You will discover how to create partnerships and leverage them for awesome business growth.
  11. How about showing you a specific process that will help you convert total strangers into paying clients for life?

Remember, this is not an online course where I share information and leave you to go figure it out on your own. This is an intensive coaching and mastermind program that is so intensive that I have only 10 slots available!

Are you going to grab one of the few remaining slots or…?


Inasmuch as I want to help everybody and anybody willing to pay and become a member of The Insiders Coaching and MasterMind program, I think it is important to mention that

  1. This program is intensive, if you are not willing to work hard and make moves towards growing your business, then do not enroll.
  2. This program is not a silver bullet that will make all your problems disappear. Rather, it is a step-by-step approach to identify and solve problems holding back your business.
  3. I intentionally kept this page free of marketing talk like how your business will grow 100x when we work together. It depends on your current level in business. Real coaches understand that every individual is different, we have different capacity at different stages of life, promising same result to everyone in a coaching program is simply a scam in my books.
  4. If you want to become a millionaire overnight, this is not for you.
  5. I am interested in people that want to work hard and build an awesome company.
  6. We must be ready to exercise patience in order to begin to see results (more than 85% of people I work with actually do see real verifiable results within our first 60 days together)
  7. This is not a takeover of your business. You remain in charge of your business and remain 100% responsible for your business. I am not taking over your business.


Still here? We can now talk about pricing

The thing about creating a program as intensive and all consuming like The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind program is that there a limit to the amount of people I can serve.

This cannot be a N50, 000 program, because I cannot sell it to 1,000 people and make N50 million. I cannot even sell it to 100 people and manage the N5 million.

I do not have the capacity to go in so deep with more than 10 people.

I can only work with 10 exceptional individuals who want to work out their business with someone who understands the game and possess the ability to help others achieve the same.

The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind program is originally offered at $2,500 or N750, 000 per quarter (3 months)

However, I will not charge you that.  

I will grant you access for a special introductory fee of just $1, 350 or N525, 000 for your first quarter (3 months) and based on our performance, we will upwardly review or maintain the pricing after our first 3 months together.

I believe strongly that this investment in yourself and your business might just be the one thing that will change your life forever.

I bring a lot of fire, real-life practical knowledge (which I acquired from over 10 years of doing this) and strategy to the table.


Money back Guaranteed?

Sure. You know I will never put something out without making it 100% risk free for you.

Now, if you invest into your business by joining The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind program, and you do not like what you are getting… you can cancel within 14 days and get your complete 100% refund.

Yes, I will refund your money after 14 days if you do not like how we got started.

Let’s face it, after the first 3 days, you will either become increasing confident that I will get the results you seek for you…

OR anxiety increases and you cannot shake off that feeling that this is headed for disaster.

14 days is enough time to analyse and decide where to head next. Actually, I leave your money untouched for the 14 days and could return your exact notes if you paid in cash.


How to join The Insiders Coaching And MasterMind Program

We start with a simple chat over the phone or a messaging service first, this is to ensure a great fit. I cannot work with everybody and in order to ensure your investment does not go down the drain, we need to talk first.