Digital Marketing Domination

I want to teach you a digital marketing framework that converts strangers into customers, get them hooked, get them to continue buying from you. All without wasting time and money. That is Digital Marketing Domination.

This program is for you if you want to start an online business.

This program is for you if you already have a business and want to learn how to market it online.

People who are ahead of you are there because they know something you do not and unless you close the knowledge gap, you cannot get ahead. Digital Marketing Domination does not just happen.

Anybody that will make money from online platforms must learn some basics.

Just like you needed to learn how to drive before you could drive so also… you need to learn some basic skills that will turn you into a real Internet-ready business player.

Within few weeks of learning these basic skills, you will be able to finally leave the club of the fakers and join the company of people that are actually making money from online platforms.

When you learn these skills, you will be able to better make use of any online business opportunity.

Introducing Digital Marketing Domination

Digital Marketing Domination by Ademola Morebise

Digital Marketing Domination is a no-nonsense framework. It helps you dominate the digital marketing space by teaching you a framework that converts strangers into customers, get them hooked and get them to continue buying from you. All without wasting time and money.

The primary reason I created this program is because a lot of business owners, professionals and tech savvy people out there want to optimise their digital marketing and they want me to do it for them, but my consulting fee price point is outside what they can afford right now.

I am quite generous and have a messiah complex, yet I could not find the time and space to accommodate everybody in need of my unique services.

You see, I am not a usual digital marketer. I have been doing digital marketing even before digital marketing became a thing. I have strong techie roots that allows me to really optimise what I do for my clients.

I have been building digital platforms and marketing them since 2007!

I hate wastage with a passion, ensuring a very good ROI for my clients.

Every. Single. One.

So, more people want some of the action… however, I am constrained by time and that is why I have gone ahead to create this program.

In the Digital Marketing Domination program, I share with you my toolbox, my framework and my thinking and approach to digital thinking and marketing strategies.

There is NOTHING like this out there.

This is not some half-baked, generic and useless articles googled and packaged for you. If it has not worked for me, I do not endorse it or teach it.

I have never invested this amount of energy into any resource or program I ever created before.

What you get when you enroll for Digital Marketing Domination

  1. How to develop a digital marketing strategy that will boost your profits
  2. How to design your digital marketing empire and setup for success from day 1
  3. How to go about branding and brand elements
  4. How to design your customer avatar
  5. How to get into the head of your customer and talk in a language they understand
  6. How to steal customers from your competitors in a very legal way
  7. How to minimise the amount of money you spend on social media
  8. How to write social media posts that actually make money
  9. How to use storytelling to grow a bigger business and why it is necessary
  10. How to develop a resource website that transforms you into an authority in your niche/industry
  11. How to optimise your advertising campaigns
  12. How to select social media platforms that will serve you best and avoid burning out
  13. How to avoid the digital marketing mistakes made by more than 80% of so-called Digital Marketers out there
  14. Step-by-step breakdown of how to use popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp to create insane results
  15. A list of power words (over 300 power words) that you can use and be sure to convince people to check you out!

This is everything major that I will deliver when you sign up for my program.

This program will instantly place you in the ranks of the best digital marketers. You will master digital marketing and be better than 90% of others out there.

And because digital marketing is such a hot skill right now, you can easily make back the money you invest in the program by consulting for others OR you can use the training to make money for yourself.


There are a lot of other hidden benefits and goodies that I will also deliver… but I prefer not to talk about them now. When you sign up, you will see them.

Now, I want us to reach an agreement: if it is not on this list, I do not owe it to you.

I do not engage in false advertising of any kind… what you see up there is what you will get, plus a few more goodies. I am known for always delivering much more than people pay for, Digital Marketing Domination will not be an exception.

The truth is that if you are a not a member of my N750k per quarter The Insiders Coaching and MasterMind private program, this is the next best thing to it.

This program delivers my thinking, framework and strategy… EVERYTHING! and makes it INSTANTLY available and accessible to everyone.

Take this opportunity.

A major hidden benefit of Digital Marketing Domination

A major hidden benefit of signing up for Digital Marketing Domination is that you get access to a very supportive and insanely accommodating community.

This is simply because, it is a gathering of people just like you, ambitious people trying to figure out their digital marketing… so that they can begin to attract the kind of results they want.

I will also be there in the group, personally. Answering questions and sharing bonuses and maybe a fresh tip or two as they come up.

Sign up now and you will be able to ask questions, get access to cutting edge resources, gain further clarity and strategic partners.

Infact, the extra value you will get for free as a member of the community could easily be worth millions over the span of a year or 2 of membership.


Digital Marketing moves fast, what about this Digital Marketing Domination program?

I am glad you asked.

This course is not one of those hit-and-run programs. It is a premium course, one we are committed to improving and increasing its value over time.

You get life-time access to Digital Marketing Domination, this is more than a 3 months course. (Legal Notice: We reserve the rights to terminate the program, but will provide at least 6 months notice before we rest this program.) And because you are also a member of our awesome community, you will get updates when we update the course.

Think of your investment in Digital Marketing Domination as an investment that keeps growing and becoming more valuable over time.

Even when we increase the price of the program, we will not ask you to pay more.

It is like Apple giving you an iPhone X, 10 years after you bought the iPhone 1 without asking for extra payment or different terms.

Exactly. It sounds crazy. And that is exactly how much we are committed to you in the long term.


There are a few things we need to clarify before you sign up for this program.

  1. I have intentionally not promised you that you will make N1 Million within 30 days of signing up. I cannot guarantee your results, I can only guarantee the in-depth training you are getting, results depend upon your own willingness to work.
  2. This is not a business opportunity. This is strictly a framework for getting results from digital marketing and I have tested in all sorts of industries.
  3. This program teaches you the boring fundamental skills and thinking you need in order to produce results
  4. This is not a way to get rich quick.
  5. I have forgotten what I wanted to write here. Sorry. (I am trying to say I can be funny and humorous. If you hate people trying to make you crack a smile every now and then, you cannot enjoy the program)
  6. This is not a way to get rich quick. I have to say this twice for emphasis.

Pricing and Duration for Digital Marketing Domination

Duration: You are expected to finish the core training within 6 weeks of signing up. You will always have access to the course and when we update any module, we will notify you. Promise.

Pricing: N30, 000.


Your Money back guarantee

30 Days Money back Guarantee on Digital Marketing Domination

I promise to refund your money, every single kobo if you are not satisfied with what you are getting from Digital Marketing Domination. You are required to cancel within 30 days after your training begins.

We are not playing around.

You try it and it turns out you do not like it?

Ask me for a refund and I will oblige, but only if you do it within 30 days after training commences.


Enroll for Digital Marketing Domination right now

Please make sure you read every thing on this page and understand what you are getting before filling this form.