Dreams never come true, not unless you do this

Rich Dad said “Dreams without education, plans, mentors, and actions create delusional people, also known as dreamers. ”

Even if 12 litres of anointing oil is poured upon you, nothing will happen unless you create a workable plan around your dreams. And remember the wise words of the elders that said that “If you think education is expensive… then try ignorance.”

Nobody succeeds without investing in their education and training.

When I see people hustling without education and mentors, I pity them. It means they will waste like 10 years of their life to learn by their own experiences, and after that, they can begin to rise.

You cannot do it alone.

Team up with experts, team up with people more knowledgeable than you are, that is how you build a stellar company.

Dreams dont come true if we are not smart about it.

You can choose to learn by experience and waste another 10 years of your life… or you can seek mentoring, coaching and community that will help you change your level in like 3 to 9 months or less.

Don’t be too proud to seek help.



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