The essentials are essential

Every now and then, I get messages from people looking to make their first million over the next 30 days, and so, they are looking for “hot business ideas” they can run with.

When I explain how flawed that line of thinking is, they respond along the lines that Bambam made over NGN25 million in a single day from her business… on day one!

The truth is that success builds up. Overnight success is a myth, any success you achieve without developing some capacity to maintain cannot last. A season of outstanding performance doesn’t make you a legend in the long term, you need many seasons of consistency (Yeah, I’m talking about Salah here)

Experts master the essential basics. Rookies keep looking for trends and shortcuts that do more harm than good.

Trends come and go, but the basics will always be relevant.

So, stop looking for money and start looking for the best way to learn the basic essentials of business, life. Once you know the basics, you will get things done.

I’ve seen people master the basics and then move on to make millions of Naira effortlessly. Basics first, millions later.

If your plan is to make money overnight… I can’t help you. But if you plan to work hard and build an awesome company, then we could be friends. You should check this out.

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