440million Nigerians are coming

By 2050, there will be 440 million Nigerians in the World. That is what we should talk about today.

440 million people who will need jobs, schools, clothes, houses, everything!

You can now easily see that if you start any business today, no matter how small you start and grow as slowly as 10% per week, you would have become a big deal.

Now, we all know that if 10 people start a business today, research has taught us that only about 1 of them will remain in business after 2 years. It is just the harsh reality.

Building a business is hard. Very hard.

..but if, if you can keep your head above the water, when the others sink, you remain standing, then you win.

So, it is not about your brilliance alone. Do you have the tenacity to run your run your business and ensure you are still in business after 3 years?

Therefore, my advise to you is this: Pick a sector of the economy, any sector and start your project, make sure it something you enjoy doing, because you will work for free for a long period of time.

Ignore business opportunities, they make you money in the short term, but cannot take care of you in the long run. Ignore them. Build a real business. Bonus points if your business is built on innovation.

I imagine many of you starting schools (we will need them!), looking into the food industry or fashion. As the population increases, demand for basic services will also increase.

440 Million Nigerians are emerging, now is a good time to correctly position yourself for what is coming.

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