The commitment that changes everything

The life you want is a commitment away. Never forget that. 

I have seen people download and even buy tons of courses, books, audio programs, yet they remain the same way they have been year after year… because they refuse to do the most important thing: committing to DO. 

In 2018, our businesses, projects and initiatives can fire up the world only on the condition that we DO. 

There is this young man currently engaged to marry, and yet every now and then, he makes it clear to anyone who cares to listen that he might not marry the lady. He keeps on blabbering about his fears and how scared he is. 

I just continue to laugh in KJV. (The old KJV, not the new one 😂😂😂) 

A marriage NEVER works until a commitment to make it work is made by both parties. This is 2018, I thought that by now, we would all realise that the perfect man/woman doesn’t exist. You just make an informed decision and with patience work on each other. 

Anyways, unless that man commits to the relationship. No show. 

Unless you commit to doing certain things everyday, you won’t be able to open the next chapter of your life. 

What commitment do you need to make today that will change your future? 

Vision, strategy and tactics

More than ever before, you need to align with a collective vision. People driven by vision, by a purpose higher than themselves always perform better in the long run.

Note that vision is not personal. Ambition is personal, ambition is selfish and greedy.

So, what is the vision you have committed your life to?

I am committed to leading men to innovate, create wealth, share the wealth and lead an excellent life.

Now, you do not stop at vision.

Vision is nothing unless implementation is also well executed.

The world moves fast, vision is important, but tactics must be reviewed every 90 days.

I review the vision, my business and my life every 90 days.

Works well for me.

Perhaps you could give it a try?


Watching The World


Are you building a business? Are you sure? Here are 3 questions to consider

Not too many people know the difference between self employed and building a business.

If you work on Fiverr… you are a freelancer, not an Entrepreneur.

If you sell Ankara fabric from door to door or sew clothes in your shop. You are not an Entrepreneur… you are a freelancer.

Don’t let me get started on all those “Contract-preneurs”. A contract-preneur runs after big contracts and quickly hacks together an adhoc staff to execute projects. No loyal, long standing staff.

In each of the scenerio described above, you have merely created a job for yourself.

Which is good…

…however, unless you move up the ladder and build real business systems, business structures around what you do… you will work till you die.

Only big businesses outlive their founders. That is why Mama Shukura canteen closed up after she passed, while KFC keeps posting profits every year and expanding into New countries.

3 ways to know if you are building a business or not.

1. If you went on a 2 week holiday, would your business continue to run and grow? Will you meet a business when you return?

2. Are you accountable to your business? Allowing your business financials to exist completely outside yours?

3. Do you have concrete expansion goals completely mapped out with the needed strategy, training, plans, mentors, and corresponding actions?

Now, it is ok if the answers are not so positive right now, but please commit to thinking about these questions and making the needed adjustments.

My generation needs to birth big businesses. Business Empires from Nigeria can take on the world.

We have the capacity to do so. It is the knowledge that has been missing.

Amongst other things, I believe my calling is to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals build systems that rapidly scales their business into multi-million Naira Empires.

..and that is why I love the mission of this community. We must build big businesses and become Industry leaders.

Building a real business requires 2 major things: capacity and systems.

You must develop the capacity to handle big things and be able to design systems to get it done.

We must be ready to learn, strategize and build globally relevant companies. It is not good enough to be average.

The age of mediocrity is over.