Where product development begins from

Building a product starts from conversation with the target audience. 

You have to talk to them, figure out what they really want and how your info product/app/seminar/workshop can actually help them unlock their next level. 

When I was a rookie, I used to rush into code as soon as an idea struck, but these days… I’m notoriously slow into getting into real code. 

I do a lot of research and build out my ideas module by module. 

Today, we are a few weeks away from launching CloudPitcher, our revamped online marketing platform and it has been quite a journey for us. 

Every step of the way, we tried to talk to our target customers and allow such to shape our work. 


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Thinking like an “Adult Film” company

There is this inside joke that the first apps to penetrate any new medium or tech is pornography videos! Adult Film companies obsess about new platforms.

S3x film companies are always on the cutting edge of tech, looking for ways to spread their “gospel” on new platforms before they get saturated with loads of options.

On the other hand, when a new tech or medium emerges, churches spend the next 5 years arguing it is the devil’s box and that nobody should ever touch it.

Then after they realise they are actually kicking against the pricks, they reverse course and finally do the needful; figuring out how to use it as a tool for evangelism.

It is looking like AR (Augumented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) will be the next major new grounds to cover, s3x film companies are already making videos and iterating, getting better at making highly engaging videos, while some of us are sitting and waiting…. just like those churches used to do.

I think it is time to move your butt!

What new/emerging tech platform can you adopt in your business/NGO/church that will change the game as those platforms become more popular?

Look into Facebook Groups

Look into Facebook Live

Look into AR/VR

Don’t wait until it becomes super crowded!


The right kind of selfish

It is important to be extremely selfish with your time and attention.

Yes, you read that right.

You cannot afford to give everybody and every project tossed in your direction some of your limited time and attention.

If you are a rookie..  just setting out, sure you can do so.

Whatsoever your hands find to do, do them very very well!

However, at a later time of your life… sooner or later you have to choose.

A lot of people toss various projects and ideas my way now and I can’t be bothered to even take a second glance.

I need to decide where exactly I am headed, and which offers are most aligned with what I do…. and then focus on those ones. You need to do same.

Tossing every other thing away.

I focus on my few clients that are making impact and generating revenue through the value they add to lives, rather than waste my time on “free loaders” who wish to take a seat at the table of men, yet are not willing to pay the price.

Only fools remain 100% generous with their time. Men of value guard their time jealously.


Yesterday, I started talking about The Insiders and a lot of you are interested.

This is the full information.

The goal of The Insiders Mastermind group is to see if we help each other achieve 90% of our set goals within 90 days or less. 

Earlier this year, I tried to setup a similar mastermind group, but it flopped. Why did it flop? Because it was a free-for-all affair.

I don’t blame any of the members, it is our nature to only value things we pay for. It is human nature… and so, from day 1, we decided The Insiders will not be free.

We already give away a lot of value for free through these daily #TMP mentorship and coaching emails, anybody who wants further time and attention will have to invest inorder to show commitment.

What will be exclusive to members of our #TMP Community that decides to upgrade and become A #TMP Insider

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These 3 things and much more awaits members of this #TMP community that upgrades to the Insiders group.

Looking impressive? or are you disappointed??

Anyways, that is all we have to offer for now… and for those interested, you will not need to pay anything close to that.

This is a special #TMP offer because I want to see how we can uplift as many members of our community as possible and help them figure out and unlock the next level.

If you are tired of staying in one spot for too long, this is the investment you need to make now.

The first 6 people to respond to this offer will only pay N8, 000 ($25) for 3 months membership. Alternatively, they can get it for N3, 500 ($10) per month.

The next set of 6 people will then pay N35, 000 ($100) for their 3 months membership or if they prefer: pay N15, 000 ($45) per month.

Thereafter, I close the doors.

We cannot cater for too many people at this time…. So, if you are interested, you want to hit reply and lock down your spot right now. Feel free to ask me more questions about this.

Fly Higher!

Jeff Bezos was briefly the world’s richest person….

In case you were not listening, yesterday, July 27, 2017, Jeff Bezos was for a few hours the richest man in the world.

That’s right; he toppled Bill Gates.

Shares of Amazon.com, a company Bezos started in 1994 to sell books online traded for as high as $1, 083 per share! Whoopy!!

I have always respected Amazon’s drive and direction, they are certainly one of the most innovative companies around today.

The difference between Entrepreneurs and Innovators for me has always been the fact that while most inventors are focused on just churning out something new – Entrepreneurs focus on how they can quickly take a solution to the market.

Amazon does not just innovate, they are entrepreneurial minded.

Their products make more economic impact than most of the other big names in tech.

We must not just be innovating fellas, we must also ensure we put on our entrepreneurship caps and innovate to fill a pain point.


Excellent services at low prices? 

Some newbie Entrepreneurs are always thinking they can deliver excellent, high quality services at low prices. 

While there may be no theoretical grounds to rule it out… 

In my experience, I can tell. Aiming to be the lowest prices in the market is suicidal! 

No matter how low you go, there are dozens of people willing to go lower. 

Why do you also aim to join them in the mud? 

The truth remains that it is very difficult to deliver high quality service at cheap prices. 

I have also discovered that customers don’t mind paying a premium as long as excellent results are guaranteed. 

Excellent, high quality services are more important to the people that need them than your low prices. 

On your toes!

The best kind of people to keep around are the folks that keep you on your toes. Those people that challenge you to give your 300% into whatever it is you do.

I got this email yesterday from a friend and member of our #TMP community:

Mr. Morebise !!!.

I really don’t like you at all. You keep raising the bar so high. After the feedbacks from your Facebook post.  You resumed this post and has still not affected other platforms you created. Are you even human?
How do you manage all this things? 
When I start to feel myself small. You come around with your anointed head and make me brace up again. Challenging and exerting myself to do much more than I’m doing.
I’m warning you this man. Let me enjoy my next “feeling of myself” in peace. 
I’ll just go ahead and keep working on the next project.
God bless you.

..and so that I also don’t start to feel myself, I reminded myself that:

At the start of the 3rd quarter of this year, when I reviewed the work, I was getting uneasy that I was having about 4 platforms to keep track of, in a corner of my mind, I was thinking maybe it was time to consolidate some things and make things a bit easier.

Then I stumbled on the site of a senior colleague… the dude had expanded his work into like 6 platforms; up-and-running, frequently updated.

I woke up instantly: we can do more.

We must not be looking for validation of our ideas and work rate in the wrong places.

Stop patting yourself on your back for been that one-eyed man leading a band of blind folks.

Don’t be a local champion.

Constantly up your game… stay on your toes!

If my activities and writings keep you on your toes, it is part of the package.


The magic of small, consistent improvement

At a recent entrepreneurship session I facilitated, I asked the attendees a simple question: if I started a crappy business today and commit to making small improvements to it, consistently, every single day, 30 years down the line… what would it look like?

A lot of us in the room agreed it would have become an excellently run and highly innovative place.

I wonder if you also agree with us?

I am often divided over my decision to shut down the initial Gistcaster several years ago, I keep thinking: what if I didn’t shut it down totally and continued my method of little improvements consistently delivered, I think I might have fared better.

So, I guess its ok for us to start small, start in a crappy manner and then commit to making daily improvements…

We just might hit gold.

The loafy upsell

I spotted a Shoprite Bread vendor in the wild and stopped by to “grab my copy” of their bread, to my surprise (and delight), out of nowhere the vendor brought out a 2L bottle of coke and suggested I buy the combo (Bread + Coke) for just N600.

Interesting offer.

It so happen that during that time, we were just training our students about marketing funnels and the art of upselling and so I told the guys around me to pay attention to this.

I could buy the bread and be gone, but now they were trying to upsell me the bottle of coke which might be a nice complement to the already purchased bread.

Have you tried to upsell digital marketing to the people you developed web sites for?

Have you tried to upsell a complimenting service to the people that already purchased a service from you?

Why are you dulling??

Same package. Different perceived value

You can have something of value, yet people think it is worthless.

You can be doing exactly the same thing as 5 other people, yet they keep selling out while you keep racking up losses.

You have to realise that people never pay for the real worth of something. They pay for perceived value.

It is not enough to be making a valuable product, we have to also ensure our audience realises it is valuable.

#TMP needs to take another giant leap

Work output

You can’t make more money than your work output permits…. 

If you can only work on one 6-figure project every week… your path to becoming really “financially free” is a long thing! 

The other day, I needed minor carpentry repairs in my house… the carpenter gave me a low 5 figure bill and he spent 2 full weeks on the job!!! 

How many years will he have to work to hit his first million since it’s taking him 2 weeks to deliver a 5 figure job! 

Big companies process billions of dollars of revenue every single day because they developed a system to do that. You can’t make a billion dollars today because your work output is no where near that. 

Good news is that it is never too early to think about scaling up your work output!