Going to town, bells ringing!

A wise man once said that it is insanity to continuously do the same thing and yet expecting different results. Although I have enjoyed updating this blog every single day since I started out in 2014, but after about 2 years of writing, it was time to improve.

I had now cemented my place as someone that could consistently generate content, it was time for a new task: taking the content to the masses.

The goal of my writings is not just for writing, I write and speak inorder to effect change in the world. I have since developed new channels to broadcast my content, asides from #TMP.

I now have a Facebook Messenger Bot, a Whatsapp group and a Facebook group that is picking steam. This is a better position than when it was just #TMP.

I believe I have a message, a real one, and I want to ensure that more people get a chance to listen to it.

I want to ring the bells of youth empowerment.

I want to ring the bells of innovation.

I want to ring the bells of excellence.

I want to ring the bells of wealth creation.

It is time to go to town.

And so, I have created a new content schedule to help me:

  • Mondays: #TMP Audio post (Messenger Bot)
  • Tuesdays: CloudPitcher Business Edge Podcast (Email and Messenger Bot)
  • Wednesdays: #TMP (Facebook Group, Email and Messenger Bot)
  • Thursdays: #TMP Audio post (Messenger Bot)
  • Fridays: Discussions and CloudPitcher Business Edge Newsletter (Facebook Group, Email and Messenger Bot)

Going forward, my Messenger bot will be the #1 place to keep track of my content and activities. I will only email 1-2 times per week.

I am grateful you have followed me this far, it is time to take a step further and move the party to Messenger.

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