After training over 200 people this weekend, I wonder if I am for real…

I spent the weekend on training.

I led a training on Digital Marketing on Saturday in Akure (South-West Nigeria) and on Saturday night/Sunday afternoon, I led another set of people on Mobile Marketing training.

I trained over 200 people this weekend alone.

As I spoke and explained these concepts to my audience, my mind traveled back 5 – 7 years ago, back then certain people organised loads of seminars and training programmes. As an upcoming business minded young man, I attended many of them.

These fantastic, smooth talkers would come around and train us, boasting about their business prowess while spilling out wisdom for us to adopt.

Less than 10 years later…. they have all faded away.

Some of them duped several clients and disappeared from town. Others simply collapsed into irrelevance. One of the more prominent gentlemen then has simply vanished from the frontiers.

He is alive and well and sometimes pretend its not over, but really… he is no longer making impact. Sadly, it seems his best days are already behind. He is less than 30 years old.

So, as I trained people over the weekend, I just kept praying and asking God for mercy and grace.

10 years of trying to make a ruckus in the community, 10 years of trying to make people better versions of themselves….

How many of us are left? How many of us remain committed to the cause?

Am I for real, or will I also fade away?


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