Mid-air turbulence

Every progressive relationship you have will experience some challenges, great relationships rarely are smooth rides all through. Infact, if the rides are all smooth, there might just be a problem…

Every relationship that will stand the test of time must have passed through fire and survived it. If you are in the right relationships with people – mentors, proteges, friends, partners, whatever – then you should brace up for any turbulence that might prop up.

Many people have thrown out divinely arranged relationship over one offense or the other. Jesus Christ always maintained that nothing was impossible with God, yet one day he mused: “it is impossible for offenses to arise”.

Your mentor will offend you, that is not a prophecy. However, you must be ready to swallow it and humble your self back in training.

A real mentor should also know that her proteges will offend her and annoy her often, she must also have forgiven them in advance! (I had at least 2 of my mentors tell me this over the years, I also quickly adopted that mindset, makes it super easier to sleep at night!)

If you cannot handle some turbulence in your relationships with key people in your life, then you are not ready for greatness.


Which key relationship have I lost over some offenses? How have I fared since then? Can I seek out and repair such key relationships?


I made up my mind that there are some people in my life that are so key to my success that I have forgiven them already, in advance for whatsoever they might do to me. Perhaps you can make a similar pledge?


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