Rather than waiting for someone to fund your idea, try this instead

For a first time Entrepreneur, the first thing to do after coming up with a new business idea is not to hunt for an investor. The chances that someone is out there waiting for your business pitch, in order to hand over a huge sum is little.

The alternative is to pick yourself and get to work. Bootstrap your way in. Show some skin, risk your own money and time, invest your own efforts.

The rush for investors and partners is simply misplaced energy.

The brutal truth is that people only invest in success. With so high rate of business failure, nobody wants to do high risk investments and as a first time entrepreneur with no track record, you are a high risk investment.

This is why nobody is handing you any cash.

The solution is to pick yourself, think small and look for an angle of the idea that you can start from with your own resources. Do not despise your days of little beginning.

There is always something you can do, an angle your own resources can execute.

Bootstrap your way up. Slow and steady still wins the race.

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