Tress, the $500 billion global haircare market and you

Today, I stumbled upon Tress, an app that helps women discover new hairstyles, complete with a breakdown of hair products used, name and location of the stylist, price range, and other information they will need before paying a visit to the salon. Women can also share their favourite hairstyles, trade hair tips and secrets, and receive compliments from a supportive community.

Why is this important?

“It’s surprisingly difficult to find accurate information about hairstyles,” Priscilla, Tress CEO says. “Many ladies routinely find themselves in the awkward position of walking up to complete strangers to compliment and inquire about their hair, or stalk social media accounts for inspiration as well as adequate information about the style.”

I am no hair expert, but this definitely sounds interesting.

What makes it more interesting to me is the kind of service rendered: HAIRSTYLE information and the evaluation of the industry: $500 billion! Who would have thought so?

I was in a similiar position in 2012 when I was working on a spam-free, city based event alert system at that time. I was just doing it because it was a fun challenge to work on, it was not until I needed to pitch it at TENT in December 2012 that I realised for the first time that I was sitting on a billion dollar idea! I saw the billion dollars inside it for the first time that day.

So also today, we have many people working on so many simple ideas and they do not even realise how powerful such ideas can become.

I was in a  meeting several years ago and I remember the facilitator suggesting exactly this kind of app, an app to African discover hairstyles and how to make them…. nobody took him serious enough to build the app. Now I am reading about Tress!

I am asking today, what interests you? Can you try to build something out of it? Even the simplest of ideas can fetch you handsome money in this age of information.

There is a billion dollar industry out there that you can penetrate by using the digital technologies you have easy access to.



Becoming a part of the global economy

These days it is possible to work and earn from the larger global economy, rather than depending solely upon the local economy of your state or country.

Gone are the days when the phrase “business on international waters” was only limited to big corporations.

Today, anybody can part-take in the new global economy. You can live anywhere and work from anywhere you like and make enough money to fund your dreams – no matter how big those dreams are.

I have done some trainings on how people can join this movement, and I am even currently training some more through the iBBN and I plan to do much more trainings in this regards, but the basics are the same.

Search within yourself for skills that you possess (or can develop) that would be useful to businesses or entrepreneurs regardless of your location. Put together a business front and sign up clients.

If you are awesome on social media, you can help businesses set up and maximize their social media presence.

If you can write, you can help people with blogging or copy writing or editing. 1 well written article can fetch you anything $50 – $1, 000.

You can run a small online store from any part of the world and fulfill orders made on your site through a network of 3rd party.

The global economy is here.

Focus and look for your own piece of the pie!


Watching The World


No, I wasn’t born this way

Some people are just so productive, they were born that way… That is what they want you to believe, furthermore; they would prefer to get you thinking you cannot do what they do.

It is all baseless, I can assure you.

Nobody was born this way. Every master you see today was once a rookie.

Mastery is what happens when you make a decision to commit to a process and you follow through until you become a product. Any rookie that follows a process will become a product.

What processes are you going through? That’s what will determine your endpoint. A lot of people want to become something tangible in their future, but are not willing to commit to a process, so easy to see where it will all end: the ditch.

I think the modern academic movement has made us to lose the beauty of apprenticeship.

Many business teachers say most new Entrepreneurs should expect to fail in their first few businesses before they learn enough to be able to stay afloat. I disagree.

The Entrepreneur that has served and worked under another Entrepreneur and under studied her master thoroughly has no business failing.

So, I believe no one was born into mastery, we all acquired our skills by committing to processes that made us what we are now.

Find a vision, your success depends on it.

I think the most important factor that guarantees success for a man is vision. Every man needs to find out early how he fits into the collective vision.

Vision always has to operate with people, not a solo effort.

Anybody interested in living a significant life has to align with a vision. Without the zeal of executing a vision burning on the inside of you, you will just coast through life.

I believe that an assembly of God’s people that is also capable of effecting God’s agenda is coming up, a special class of people leading the world in every aspect. In technology, business, commerce, innovation, arts, creativity and productivity.

It seems to be a vision I’ll be more than happy to align with and contribute my own quota towards. The most important thing a man needs is a place where there is leadership, inspiration and impartation in order for them to be able to work at maximum productivity.

When a vision drives us, everybody wins.

Working out a vision is what cements a place for everyone in posterity. Working out a vision guarantees massive success.

Empowerment vs Exploitation

I see various “empowerment” schemes and I see through the mist. They are mostly exploitation schemes.

The success story from most motivational seminars and workshops are usually the facilitator who gets to brag about the impact she has made from “empowering” 20, 000 youths. What a big lie!

We need to stop measuring our progress based on how many people were present at our seminars and measure the real things.

Look, this are the metrics I want to talk about:

  • How many people have you trained and have gone on to start businesses of their own or gotten a job using the new skills you taught them?
  • How many real jobs have you created this year?
  • How many people have you connected with opportunities?

Let us take a good look all around, you see jobless youths every where, not all of them are lazy and not willing to work. Most of them are genuinely blinded to the vast opportunities out there and it is your duty to enlighten them.

Do not go about exploiting people for your own ends and claim you are empowering people. Rubbish!


Curators needed

Everyone is now creating content. Everyone and their dog and 2 cats can now easily start a blog around anything from business, dating, tech, design, anything and anything. Yet, as we all know, this development has only increased the amount of noise in the air.

With so much content out there, how do we sniff through and find only the best and relevant content?

This is where curation comes in. A curator analyses all the content and then serves end users only the best.

A lot of techies will be quick to start writing algorithms to do that, but personally, I would prefer a human being to sit down and curate it for us.

No code/algorithm can feel about something the same way a human being would.

I think curation services can be monetised, I know people who would pay to get the real deal rather than deal with an avalanche of info. We live in an information age, the challenge is no longer finding information, the major challenge we have now is to make sense of the information we have.

Going forward, curation might just be the new king of the web.


Watching The World


If you want to stay innovative, this is what you must avoid doing

Innovation does not start from thinking: “this is a great business opportunity, how do we cash in”. That does not work so well.

Real innovation starts from “this is a serious problem and existing solutions suck! How can we solve this problem in an elegant way?”

One approach focuses on the business opportunity, while the other is focused on the problem-solving end of things. The challenge with only seeing the business opportunity and not the problem solving opportunity is that it will eventually lead you to make really bad decisions.

A company had the option of buying the Google search technology very early on, but they passed the offer because they felt the technology was too good! Therefore, if they bought it, it would not allow people to come back to their website since they already found what they were looking for.

Money is a reward for solving problems.

People who solve real problems seldom go broke.

Real innovation always starts with somebody somewhere trying to solve a problem.


One Jumia to rule them all, but will it solve the problem?

Africa Internet Group is merging all their operations under the Jumia brand.

This means all startups under AIG are undergoing some form of rebranding or the other. Basically, their names are going to be changed to Jumia-something. Jovago will become Jumia Travel, Lamudi will be Jumia House, HelloFood is morphing into Jumia Food, Carmudi will be Jumia Cars, Vendito will become Jumia Deals, and Everjobs will be known as Jumia Jobs.

I think it makes sense for them, however it will not solve a key problem about birthing companies.

The reasons startups work and big companies tank is because of what I call the Founder’s fire. When i discuss with successful people who have founded something before, there is an energy in the air that is simply absent when you discuss with people who may be smart but have not really started anything fresh before.

Entrepreneurship is not about fancy cars or business cards or acquiring MBAs. It is a mindset, it is an altitude, it is a spirit.

A founder is worth more than 1000 staff members combined, that is the truth.

What I really think AIG should be doing is to hunt for promising startups in Africa, invest in them the traditional way and allow their founders to continue running them until they achieve scale. The founder’s vision and instincts can never be compared to money or access or influence.

Talking of Founding fire…. Instagram just announced that they now have 500 million active MONTHLY users. You now see the wisdom in Facebook buying the app and allowing them to continue working as they were? Why didn’t they sack the Founding CEO and hire a smarter-than-he to run the business??

I am sure you know the answer.


So, who gets the credit?

I agree with people who say that we would make much more progress as a race if we did not care too much about who got the credit. When it comes to our work and things we do, we always want to ensure we get the credit, we even go as far as siphoning the credit from others.

That is how things seem to work.

However, I have understudied Men of vision and I observed that such men are united in their resolve to just see things get done, regardless of who does it. All they really care about is that it has been done and that it is done properly.

Every now and then, people ask me if they can re-use my articles and resources and I give them permission to do so. Someone asked if it was ok to rehash my talks at public events and I also gave him a green light, I do not feel ripped off.

What is important to me is impact, I just need this knowledge and ideas to go out there! Deposited in the real world where it can light up another soul.

I am not afraid of people stealing my articles, people have been stealing my write-ups since forever, (but of course, if they fail to give due credit to whom it is due, they cannot prosper. It is a spiritual law folks!). If I am indeed the origin of the things discussed here, then I will keep producing originals (Only the origin of something can produce originals, you get?). If I keep obsessing over credits and recognition for every work I produce, I will just give myself unneeded heart issues.

I believe that if you work and others take the credit, don’t fret. Just hang on there and keep working, one day the tables will turn and the truth will come out. However, if you shy away from doing good because you might not get the credit for that action, you are killing yourself.

When a vision drives us, everybody wins.

Commit to the vision and not your own personal recognition.

Let vision thrive and kill off ambition.


Watching The World