A simple formula for building a company in this age

I believe we are at a unique junction today that if you have a fairly good grasp of the internet – how things like websites and social media work, you can easily (and cheaply) create a company that can grow as big as you want it to be. There are no big players in a lot of verticals.

I know I can be very optimistic, I guess that is a weakness and strength. But, really it is what it is: everywhere I look in the Nigerian scape, I see a lot of opportunities.

It is a very simple formula:

  • Know about cars? Start a marketplace, selling cars online.
  • Know a thing or 2 about paints and painters? Start an online marketplace to connect painters and paints and everything in that space.
  • How about a site where I can
  • How well do you know your campus? Is your campus online? Can you bring it online?
  • Ok, what about creating a website that allows me to find a land, connect with an architect that can design something for me and then connect me with an engineer that will build it and then connect me with an interior design and… you getting the picture? A website that will connect me with everything I need to start building my dream home.

The formula is simple, and it will work if you put in the work required. You might also think deep in terms of looking for some business model innovation that will make your offer more attractive.


You will need it. The winner is whoever executes it first, and executes it well.


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