What will you do differently?

Shoprite is building mega supermarkets across the nation. If you wanted to start a supermarket chain of yours today… What will you do differently?

Google is a tech powerhouse. They started from web search and transformed news, email, online video, documents and all. If you wanted to start a real tech company today… What will you do differently?

First Bank is a first class financial institution in Nigeria, they’ve held their own against the market forces for a long time. If you wanted to start a financial institution today… What would you do differently?

The incumbents always close their ranks, leaving little to no room for competition and competitors to sneak in. However, history tells a different story.

There’s always room for disruption in any sector of the economy. There’s nothing set in stone and unchangeable, but to leapfrog the Goliaths we see today will require a different approach, a different execution.

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