Hunting for the killer idea

When we set out to start a new business we are tempted to take a look out there and see what works and then make a pick. I do not subscribe to this view.

The reason been that doing so puts you behind the curve. You will probably have to engage in a price war to win customers, everybody already doing the same thing you ventured into will keep lowering prices just to win more customers.

I prefer to sit still and listen to that voice on the inside of me.

This is because for any business to succeed, it will need all the help it can get. An idea from God is the biggest boost and surety that the business endeavour will succeed.

I hope you are in the league of people who trust God more than they trust their business schools and business coaches. Indeed, following God requires true vision and a sense of purpose.

Hunting for a killer business idea that will bring you real wealth will require some deep original thinking. Grasshopper minds won’t get it done; you would need to think like a giant. Thinking with the complete confidence (faith) that whether you have $4 or $4 million in your pocket, you can get all the resources you need to execute whatever idea pops into- your head.

The doubts we have are always inside our head, while the answers are always there – inside our hearts.

I cannot shake off the feeling that more people would make progress if they listened more to what is inside than what is outside.


Business, without the hype

How I miss the days when people where more interested in running a business than making noise about it.

Indeed, it seems people are more interested in hyping themselves than actually fixing any problem their business offerings might have and attract customers.

The way I see it, the greatest asset a company has is a product that works. If your product works well, I believe that you have scaled through a lot of hurdles already. A product that works hypes itself already, as people will simply pass it on to each other.

No hype

No noise

Just build something that works. Until it works, can we dial down the hype a bit?

Watching The World


Stepping up, taking responsibility

By default, people do not like taking up more and more responsibility. When a fresh call is made, we want to run away, rather than raise our hands and say “here, Sir!”

When things go south, when things are left undone, I ask myself “who refused to step up?”, “who refused to be responsible?”. When I run into people who hold on to titles and yet leave the real work undone, I am saddened.

In a country where things are bad and seemingly getting worse, somebody needs to step up.

Let us have more people stepping up and taking responsibility and less blaming and idle chit-chat.

On finding great people to work with

You might have heard that one way to get your things done on time, every time is by finding great people to work with. Find great people, recruit them to your team and all will be well.

I believe this to be true.

The issue I have is that where exactly do we find great people to work with? Where do great people come from??

I think there is a lot of emphasis on finding great team members and not enough emphasis on training/mentoring average or good people and making them great.

Every great person you find out there was equipped by someone, no one was born extremely good at any skill. Everybody had to learn.

What if you could sharpen your team members and make them better as opposed to running around, looking for great people to seduce? Sure, not everybody is trainable, but how do you know for sure except you try?

The other aspect of the train-your-people argument is illustrated by this scenario. HR department told the CEO: “What if after training our people, they leave us for greener pastures”, CEO responded: “What will happen if we do not train them and they stay?”

Bring them to me hungry and foolish, I might just be able to convert them into giant killers…


Watching The World


But how do we know you are not fake?

With so much noise out there, so many voices vying for our attention, when I finally listen to what you have to say, how do I know you are not fake?

With “experts” popping up left, right and center, how do we get to stamp our authority? Convince prospects we are the better side? The best deal?

One way out is by turning to content marketing. I believe I will prove myself over time if I keep talking about the things I do and the problems I solved for my clients and customers.

We will start to believe you might be the real deal when you can display some form of consistency, not wavering or going back and forth.

Watching The World


You are not the next Dangote

You are not the next Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates or Lionel Messi, and you really need to stop trying too hard. You can only become second-best if you follow this route.

Why should I try to become the next Aliko Dangote when I can legitimately become the first Ademola Morebise?

I strongly believe everybody on planet earth is unique and each one of us has one thing – a gift, a trick that can be unleashed to the world.

It is OK to read up about great men and learn from them, but trying to now pattern exactly after them is sheer folly. Someone once said that the ONLY thing great men have in common is that THEY HAVE NOTHING in common. This is great wisdom for us today.

So do not read Aliko Dangote or Richard Branson’s biography and then decide to also start selling CDs because that is how Virgin’s empire started.

…and do not go around building the next Nairaland or Konga either. This is why you need to dig deep into yourself, ask yourself HARD QUESTIONS like – what is unique about me that no one else has?

  • What is my advantage over other people?
  • What can I see that no one else can?

Then, the big question:

  • What is my purpose?

No matter how hard you try, you cannot beat anyone else at their own game, you only become 2nd best.

Once a territory has been charted, it means there is a clear leader already. Go out and seek uncharted territories, you can define new genres and new kinds of jobs.

This is the stuff really great men are made of.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot beat Google at search, that is why I dug in deep and started building an answer engine instead.


Is there any place for religion at work?

I think so and really, I think it is a shame that we even need to debate this at all. I remain convinced that I am more than flesh, blood and some algorithms that evolved over millions of years. I am a deliberate creation.

Consider this quote from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” – Albert Einstein. Indeed, going to work and leaving my faith at home is very lame.

There is a yearning inside everyman that only God can fulfill.

Why are young people making the trip to join a group of terrorists that are killing people in the name of establishing a kingdom of God on earth? One 24-year-old who joined one of such groups said:

“They teach us to work hard to buy a nice car and nice clothes but that isn’t happiness. I was a third-class human because I wasn’t integrated into a corrupt system. But I didn’t want to be a street gangster. So, I and my friends decided to go around and invite people to join Islam. The other Muslim groups in the city just talk. They think a true Muslim state will just rain down from heaven on them without fighting”

Every man yearns for true happiness and over the years, people thought money and career success will bring the happiness. They soon realise it doesn’t. People who insist there is no place for God in the modern workplace soon commit suicide and they are diagnosed to have died of depression.


How on earth does a very successful man still commit suicide and people say they died of depression? All the money made, all the awards and accolades could not deliver you from depression?

Why are we then kidding ourselves?

Has the devil and his cohorts totally blinded our minds from the obvious truth?

I always proudly wear my faith on my sleeves, regardless of the stage of my business. Growing bigger will not send my faith into the background.

I do not work hard because I want stuff, there is no fulfillment in acquiring stuff. I work hard to fulfill my God-given assignment and to run the race HE has set in front of me.


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Consistency is the king

The new week that starts tomorrow will make or mar me.

Absolute nonsensical thinking.

Its true that next week holds several key moments that could prove pivotal or fatal to the mission, yet I believe there’s no magic moment per se that will set out everything.

People who started well have still ended up in a sorry state. People who started poor or averagely have certainly gone on to make a dent in the cosmos.

Things can swing either way.

The future doesn’t belong to the fastest, it belongs to the one who can consistently face life and respond to every turn and tantrum it throws.

One moment of magic can’t give you a new life. Miracles don’t produce destiny and fulfilment. Only consistency does that.

Staying good everyday, waking up to face life with a good attitude consistently over time might just be the gold.

On hard work and recession

Whether there be a recession or not, no matter what the global economic outlook. I’m extremely confident that people who work hard and do not allow too many things to weigh them down will always remain standing.

Whether markets go up or crash down, money is always made in either directions. Some people end up richer and more powerful. Others lose it all. The same tech advances that wipe out old jobs creates new ones.

To the man that remains agile and mobile, no such thing as a recession.

Yes, it is possible to virtually mint your money all year round. We just have to keep working hard and keep an open mind to respond as needed per time.