Earned play

Work hard, play hard. All work and no play makes Bayo a dull boy.

Donald Trump argues that he doesn’t take any vacation from his work because his work is also his play. I admit that when you own golf courses, do TV shows and work with beauty pageants… it looks all play to me 😀 . A lot of business leaders and Entrepreneurs teach that we find work we really enjoy and as such we would never really feel the burden of work.

Yet, I still believe there is a role of play. Taking time off all the work and just go play somewhere else for a while. All the work (whether enjoyed or not) simply dulls Bayo.

If I have done some decent work Monday – Friday, snoozing till Monday morning should not cripple me completely.


Watching The World


Before sinking into the busy routine

Take a pause and think: Can I get things done faster if I used better tools or if I could gather a little more information?

A lot of people slave over projects for months, only to discover that using another method would have gotten it done in 3 weeks. I’m serious about this really happening, especially in software development. A Master Builder can do more work in 72 hours than a team of 5 average developers would do in 3 months.

You have probably heard this quote before: “If I had 6 hours to cut a tree, I would use the first 5 hours to sharpen my axe”. If you are very efficient, you might not appear as busy as people imagine you are.

Before you sink into a busy routine, consider asking yourself: “How efficient am I in my field? What new tricks do I need to learn?”


Not just busy

The ultimate productivity question is “what am I busy about?”

It is not enough to be busy.

Plenty of activity does not earn you the productivity badge. I have observed people who appear to be very busy day-to-day and yet they make very few progress overall.

It is just too easy to get carried away by “busyness” that we forget that the goal is not to be busy. The goal is to be productive.

Only 1 in 10 new businesses succeed

There are 2 ways to respond:

I am not going to start a new business since the odds of succeeding are so slim! Better to just toss away the idea and go find something else to do with my time.

The other response:

If only 1 in 10 new businesses succeed, I am the one that will succeed. Worst case scenario means that I merely have to try again 10 times before I will hit the success that will erase all the pains of failure.

Failure is not a tatoo, it is merely a bruise that success will make me forget.

As you might have heard over and over again: your attitude might just make the difference.


Watching The World


Killing the power of competition

I find news that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is withdrawing the “data floor price’’ for operators in the telecommunications industry as quite interesting. “Floor price’’ is a government or group-imposed price control or the limit a price can be charged for a product to check unhealthy rivalry among players.

In simple english, data rates in the country seems to be around the same price because NCC ordered it to be so. Of course, through various promos and bonuses, the (smart) operators have been able to offer more data at lower overall prices, but with the removal of this “data floor price”, more should follow.

What bugs me is the existence of the “data floor price” in the first place, what is that for? I believe in competition, I believe in the free market. Over regulation is the killer of innovation and progress. If Etisalat had wanted to offer 10Gb at #1,000, the “data floor price” would have stopped them.

Who exactly is the regulation of industries beneficiary to?

Maybe the fat, greedy incumbents who always lose out in the long run, no matter how many policies we draft to sooth them.


Watching The World


The cloud is raining billions

The cloud is here to stay.

Amazon.com, Google and Microsoft all topped profit estimates last quarter, adding more than US$90 billion in market cap in after-hours trading following their earnings reports last Thursday. The cloud boom is definitely looking like it is here to stay.

With more people going mobile, computing services: software and data delivered over the internet will continue to boom. Every business in the world will eventually switch to the cloud.

My own concern is that it is time to pay more attention to the cloud, develop more cloud-based solutions that can be hawked to businesses, especially those just starting out. Amazon, Google and Microsoft are playing at the Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS) level. We can easily play at a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) level, building real tools (not toys) that businesses will need to get going.

If the cloud is raining billions of US$, time to bring out your buckets.

What say ye?


Its not by sales

One of the most profound statements I have ever heard goes thus:

“In business, you must know who to collect money from and who to sow into.

Follow your Spirit always.

In life, profit will not come from sales. It will come from faith” – Rev Louis Olufemi Ogundare

The more I pondered on this statement, the more I found it interesting and relevant. I think it is sad that we have allowed the “economic” reality of bills, need to posess things and all that to rob us of some other good things life has to offer.

To many people, life is merely a profit and loss statement and every waking hour is spent optimising profit. To what end??

The just shall live by faith, not sales.

The just that follows his faith will always emerge richer and happier than his hustling contemporaries.


Be not deceived, Agent and middleman, multi level marketers are not forms of Entrepreneurship.

They suck.

I am sick and tired of companies marketing their agents (arms and legs) as partners and entrepreneurs. Signing up as a sales agent or joining a multi-level marketing scheme is not totally evil, but never you make the mistake of thinking what you are doing is entrepreneurship.

An Entrepreneur is a risk-taking business man. Entrepreneurs try to imagine what the world could be like and then try to pull together resources to make it happen. I do not see how agent-preneurship accomplishes this.

If we all become agents, middlemen and multi-level marketers, how do we make progress as a people?


Watching The World


When it seems the whole world gang up against you

When it seems no progress is been made and doors are closing left and right or doors are not opening fast enough and everything just feels broken it is a great sign that you are heading in the right direction. Emergence of giant opposition only indicate that you are approaching the proverbial promise land.

This is a good time to focus, concentrate on the task at hand, not allowing the challenges ahead to knock your heart out. No matter what you see or hear, never panic. I find it interesting that whenever the world gang up against you, what finally deals the fatal blow is not external forces, but internal ones.

You have to steady your heart, only then can you see the unguarded forehead of the giants and then plot your moves around that. More than ever before, you must not betray yourself, you must not fail yourself.


Watching The World