The easiest way to boost sales

The easiest way to boost sales seems to be by selling more stuff to current customers.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: Is it easier to acquire a new customer Y or sell more stuff to customer X?

In most cases, it is the latter.

Properly and consistently engaging your customers is the key to more repeated sales. Most businesses collect the contact details of their customers and leave it at that, only few actually take the time to offer thoughtful follow-up to customers.

The gold is in such a follow-up:

  • You are showing that you care
  • You are showing that you are around, if anything happens, we got you covered
  • You remain top-of-the-mind, and in this age of a million options, staying top-of-the-mind is very valuable
  • You are in pole position to sell more stuff to them

It seems obvious to me that some of the time spent in search of new customers can be spent delivering (and extracting) value from current customers.


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