Konga, Jumia and Nigerian Ecommerce

I do not think any conversation about ecommerce in Nigeria can be had without making a mention of Konga and Jumia, widely regarded as the pioneers of ecommerce in Nigeria and rightly so. No Nigerian ecommerce venture has gone this far before.

I however would like to see their success as a win for everyone. Konga and Jumia are not here to take it all. I feel they are merely here to help us bring people online, then we can ALL scoop in and still make a killing.

The real success of Konga and Jumia is not that they get to build billion dollar companies, it is that they get to help us convince people that buying things online works. To convince people that the internet can really make their life better. They are helping us to get people to TRUST online companies and that is truly priceless.

The Nigerian ecommerce scene is still in day one, anything can happen. Konga and Jumia may have opened up the road, but we are sure they will not be the only winners. Several specialised e-tailers that can build a solid brand will also cash in.

The way I see it, everybody wins.


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