On moving mountains

If your life’s work is to move mountains, then do not expect it to happen overnight.

If you are working really hard on a really challenging mission like revolutionising the entertainment industry, inspiring and training a new generation of business people and technologists, working on providing education to the under served, working on bringing Nigerian businesses online or really big ones like trying to extend human life (extending it well beyond 120 years). It will probably be slow and steady.

The temptations might be there to give up on such long term projects, but if you switch to moving molehills, stones and pebbles, sure – you will get the satisfaction that you are getting things done, but in the long run you will know within yourself that you ought to have done much more than just kicking stones around.

Most people devote their life to moving molehills, stones and pebbles. As such, they live totally unremarkable lives, they come and go without anybody feeling their impact in any way. More of us need to look for the toughest mountains and start chipping away at it, chip by chip until it finally moves and craves to our will.

If the goal is really to move mountains, then don’t expect too much to show too soon. Moving mountains will take some time. Moving a mountain will happen slowly, but we must stay steady.

H/T Gbenga Zaccheaus


Watching The World

Apple Inc. makers of the iPhone, iPad and other iThings have just announced that they made a net profit of $18bn (£11.8bn) in their fiscal first quarter. This is the the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company.

Absolutely. Insane.

For reference, that means Apple makes around $8.3 million dollars per hour in profit (24 hours a day). News source: Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history.

This is enough to keep me busy today, focused and thinking hard about these mountains I am trying to move…


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