You don’t need more

You don’t need more than 26 letters of the alphabet to write a bestselling book.

You don’t need more than 26 letters of the alphabet to create a cool sounding name for your company, I came up with Gistcaster, OneCrier, CloudPitcher and more recently: Jamsa. A lot of people love these names, all the alphabets inside the names I’ve come up with were always existing, I did not create the alphabets.

You don’t need to learn all the top 15 programming languages for you to become a master programmer. What you need to create an app or website people will love is a brilliant idea and not more programming languages. People are usually shocked that I know and use only about 3 programming languages often: PHP, JAVA and C. PHP to build for the web, JAVA to build for mobile and C to play around my Linux OS. I have largely ignored all the “cool kids” on the block, a new programming language is hyped every week but I just ignore and focus on been the best I can be. (In fact, programming is 95% mental labour and 5% typing. But 98% of programmers do not even know this fact!)

Why do you spend your whole life looking for something more? You do not need something more to get something more.

You do not need a bunch of keys to open any door. You only need ONE KEY – the right ONE!

I think we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time working with the tools we have. We seem to know so much already, but rather than optimise and create value, we run off in search of more shiny new tools.


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