Outside the comfort zones

We need to step outside our comfort zones and out into realm of the unknown from time to time. This is one way of developing our potentials and ensure we become really good at what we do.

But really, why not strive to be the very best in your field? Becoming the uncontested #1 comes with a lot of privileges including the massive success you always wanted.

If your focus is on blogging, then you should focus on being the best blogger you can be, and that means going beyond just writing and hitting “publish”. You have to go deep into everything that can make you a better blogger, including the very things that makes you uncomfortable: research, marketing, SEO, understanding traffic and metrics, lead generation, everything.

You have to realise that the best writers seldom write the best books, the best civil engineers seldom get to build the most challenging projects. This is because it takes more than simply understanding the art of writing or principles of engineering to be the best. There are some other things you would need to master before you can claim mastery over any field and more times than not, those things are the things we are not really comfortable digging into.

Outside our comfort zone is where the real gold lies… and survival is easier than you think it is.


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