Its not working

The baby tried to stand and bravely take a step. He fell down…

…And then returned to crawling, maybe this walking thing is not for me afterall. He went back to crawling. Never to attempt to walk again!

Of course, that never happens. The baby will try again and keep trying, not minding the thousands of falls and dozens of scratches he might acquire on his quest to walk and stop crawling on all four.

The baby does not give up to declare “its not working for me!” after a few tries

I do not think anyone has ever failed before, we merely stopped trying. We DECIDED to STOP trying to learn how to cook, how to write code, how to operate a computer, how to build a profitable business, and (*insert other things you stopped trying to learn here*)

It is only in the movies that the characters can go from complete idiot to genius in a few minutes. You see, in real life things work very differently! In real life, at the very start we tend to learn quite slowly, accumulating the knowledge we need little by little. Just because it does not happen overnight does not mean it is not working.

I would love to challenge you this morning to take a second look at all the things you wanted to do or learn how to do and actually TRY again. You probably should commit yourself to it, stick to getting it done and you will definitely see improvements.

It might seem as though it is not working right now, but over time it will definitely work!



170: World Bank has ranked Nigeria 170 out of 189 countries on how easy it is to do business. (It is good news, Nigeria used to occupy 175th position, the country moved 5 places in just 1 year)


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