There is something else going on

Boko Haram strikes

Collapsed church building

Ebola scare

2015 elections

…and hundreds other things are heating up the nation right now. But in the midst of all this, we need to sit still and look within; what is God saying? What is next on Nigeria’s divine agenda?

It turns out that Nigeria’s prophetic future is very bright.

Although, if I were you, I would expect things to get a lot darker first. That is just the way it is… It is always DARKEST before DAWN.

A lot of men have been moved by the Holy Spirit to prophesy and all their prophesies are all adding up. The gist of the matter is that God wants to take back the world, He wants to raise up an end-time army that will counter the onslaught of the devil and for whatever reasons, Nigeria is at the center of His plans.

God said He has gone round the world and used every race on the planet, from the Israelites to the Asians, Americans, Europeans and now over to Africans.

Mankind is about to experience a powerful move of God that dwarfs any previous one, even the acts written in the scriptures. God is indeed ready to perform acts that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, things that are yet to come into the mind of men.

We are about to enter into an era of outrageous wealth, profound wisdom and jaw-dropping wonders. A lot of inventions are cooking up in the spirit realm, ready for download.

The devil and his cohorts are also aware of this future and they are fighting it, I suspect that is why Nigeria has had so much wahala over the years, but no more! That future great men of God has predicted is now at hand.

I believe it is now the personal responsibility of everybody to wake up and prayerfully key into what God is about to do. The destiny is multi-faceted; it has so many dimensions.

Your prayer point for this season is:

“Lord, whatever you are doing this season. Please do not do it without me!”

Cry out to God and let him draft you into His brand new move.

We are in the end-times, certainly. We have seen some great evil been unleashed upon the world in recent years, and much more is coming.

Ever since this Ebola case started, I have not been happy; not because I am scared of contracting the disease (I cannot), but because I am willing to take part blame, if Omnific Works R & D was up and running, one of the geniuses in my company would have found a cure. Serious!

And what about YOU that refused to go setup schools up in Northern Nigeria? Your chronic procrastination allowed the devil to creep up north and hand them suicide bombs instead.

We all need to sit up, develop our mental capacity and prayerfully ask God for our own role in the coming move. God wants to do something serious in this season, but He needs your help, He needs vessels that He can use.

I am saying develop your mental capacity because the more mentally developed you are, the more useful you are to God (and mankind)

So, away from all the negative news we have been bombarded with, some other things are going on. This is a great time to sit still before God and listen to what He really wants you to do; Nigeria is going to fulfill its divine destiny and it is Nigerians that will make it happen. I certainly will be a key part of making it happen.

Once again, now is not the time to travel outside Nigeria and look for greener pastures without plans to return. We can build up this great nation step by step.

All great men in history have always been called. You need to go beyond just living day to day; find your higher calling and embrace it!

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