Hanging on to my instincts

We need to trust our instincts everytime. At times we need to discard what everyone is saying and listen to our “guts”. Many people have claimed that this is the approach that led to their own success, ability to NOT listen to people’s opinion.

The location based check-in app, Foursquare is been converted into a place finder app. This approach includes stripping the app of everything that made it popular in the first place, their users are not pleased. They have taken their protests to Twitter and Medium, but Foursquare CEO, Dennis Crowley is unmoved.

He is sticking to his “guts” and has even predicted his company will make more money over the next 6 months than they made all of last year!

Time will tell.

Time is the ultimate decider. Things like this happen at Facebook all the time they change something, yet for all we know, Facebook is still doing well.

With time, Dennis Crowley will be hailed as a genius for sticking to his guts and doing the unreasonable or he will be crucified for not listening to what his loyal fans had to say.

For the rest of us, how far should we go trusting our own instincts over what everyone else is saying?


Everytime, certainly. You should trust your instincts everytime, unless your instincts are terrible or have not matured enough at the moment.

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