Are you building a business? Are you sure? Here are 3 questions to consider

Not too many people know the difference between self employed and building a business.

If you work on Fiverr… you are a freelancer, not an Entrepreneur.

If you sell Ankara fabric from door to door or sew clothes in your shop. You are not an Entrepreneur… you are a freelancer.

Don’t let me get started on all those “Contract-preneurs”. A contract-preneur runs after big contracts and quickly hacks together an adhoc staff to execute projects. No loyal, long standing staff.

In each of the scenerio described above, you have merely created a job for yourself.

Which is good…

…however, unless you move up the ladder and build real business systems, business structures around what you do… you will work till you die.

Only big businesses outlive their founders. That is why Mama Shukura canteen closed up after she passed, while KFC keeps posting profits every year and expanding into New countries.

3 ways to know if you are building a business or not.

1. If you went on a 2 week holiday, would your business continue to run and grow? Will you meet a business when you return?

2. Are you accountable to your business? Allowing your business financials to exist completely outside yours?

3. Do you have concrete expansion goals completely mapped out with the needed strategy, training, plans, mentors, and corresponding actions?

Now, it is ok if the answers are not so positive right now, but please commit to thinking about these questions and making the needed adjustments.

My generation needs to birth big businesses. Business Empires from Nigeria can take on the world.

We have the capacity to do so. It is the knowledge that has been missing.

Amongst other things, I believe my calling is to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals build systems that rapidly scales their business into multi-million Naira Empires.

..and that is why I love the mission of this community. We must build big businesses and become Industry leaders.

Building a real business requires 2 major things: capacity and systems.

You must develop the capacity to handle big things and be able to design systems to get it done.

We must be ready to learn, strategize and build globally relevant companies. It is not good enough to be average.

The age of mediocrity is over.

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90% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. You can remain standing.

Statistics show that 90% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. A lot of reason have been proffered as to why this is the case, however I find myself disagreeing with those reasons.

People want to blame external factors for their failures every time. People rarely stumble and choose not to blame the path for been so treacherous.

People would rather blame government, the market, a powerful competitor or even their staff members when the business collapses.

That is not the way of the wise.

If your business will remain standing in 5 years time, I have determined that you need 2 vital traits: MISSION and LEADERSHIP.

Did you find that weird? Please let me explain.

Most people, easily the 90% that will fail, they start their business out of necessity to make money (and this is totally cool), but you cannot survive in business for the long run if your only motivation is to make money.

If you prioritize making money over having a solid mission, you will make poor decisions that will eventually bury the company.

The reason Facebook went from University hostel project to global phenomenon is because they built it around a mission and they stuck to the mission. Do not join the bandwagon of people who think Facebook survived because they got investors money and they are not based in Nigeria… how many companies who got investors money survived 5 years? Not so much.

So, start your business anyhow, and for whatever reason. However, if you want long term success, develop a mission.

I am confident I will still be here in 5 years time because my mission to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals like you build systems to rapidly scale their business – impact, influence, income – into MultiMillion Naira Empires cannot be done in 5 years time.

I have actually been around for over 10 years and going stronger.

I hope you understand that. You can re-read or drop me a message to explain further.

The next trait of a business that survives is exceptional leadership.

To grow your business and remain in business, you must become a leader. If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot lead your staff and your business will suffer.

It is easier to blame your staff and fire them rather than admit to your own incompetence and so, you want to look inward and ensure you are all good before you blame your staff for incompetence.

Leading people is never easy. It is such a challenging trait to develop and it is extremely rewarding.

If you can develop MISSION and LEADERSHIP around your business, even the big blue sky cannot limit you.

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Since 2014, #TMP has been empowering people to learn, collaborate & build out innovative business ideas. #TMP is an online innovation hub.
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Can you do better than Bisola the Tailor?

There is Bisola the Tailor who works 8am – 6pm everyday and can never go on holidays while barely making enough money to keep her head above the water… On the other hand, you have Bukola who runs a fashion company with 5 fashion designers and up to 20 tailors working with her. It seems like her only work is to count the money that is flowing in.

You see where I am going with this?

There is a cap, there is a limit to which you can grow your business. The good news is that the limit is dependent upon your own capacity and your decision to build a business system.

It is all a decision.

You must decide to build a business system around your skill or talent that will facilitate the kind of business you want.

I am tired of contract-preneurs and freelancers (and fundraisers too, BTW) posing as legit business builders.

The defining trait of a business are the processes and structures that are in place to facilitate a smooth running of operations every single day. If you do not have systems in place, you are an artisan… a freelancer. And just like Bisola, you will work round the clock without huge returns.

If you are serious about growing your business into millions, you have to start taking these things to heart.

Prepare your multi-million Naira business plan, start setting up defined processes to handle separate areas of the business and then you can genuinely scale up the business into the sky!


The Business Builders Hangout will hold in Lagos on January 27 and Akure on January 31. We will be glad if you could join us in any of the cities. Ask me for full details.

Interested in building innovative business ideas?

Since 2014, #TMP has been empowering people to learn, collaborate & build out innovative business ideas. #TMP is an online innovation hub.
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Business plans are dumb. Here is why you should write it anyway

When I started my first couple of businesses, I was definitely not as business savvy as I am today. I actually started out as a Tekkie, building out website platforms to offer services I thought people would find useful.

I was so naive that I even did all that without any serious business model. Oh! Those naive days!

As a Tekkie, the one thing I despised so much was the conventional idea that I needed to prepare a business plan for my work. It looked like a silly thing to do, foolishness of the highest order. I wanted to invent cool web services and get investors hand me millions of US Dollars, just like I read everyday on TechCrunch.

I thought Business plans are foolish, dumb and not useful because as you may or may not know… most business plans never work out in real life.

In fact, very few business plans and business models survive intact after you go to the market.

So, from my point of view, I felt business plan was a waste of time, the 2 weeks I would invest into making a decent business plan is better spent programming or marketing for customers…

Just like you, I was carried away and genuinely thought that my passion and optimism are enough to build a successful company. I just wanted to get to work and start building up something worthwhile.

I was wrong.

When a mentor FORCED me to write up a business plan, that was the first time I had to ask myself a lot of tough questions I had been avoiding and also got me asking the right questions about the business aspect of my work for the first time.

Writing the business plan was transformative for me.

The business plan I produced was not implemented blow-by-blow, of course. Like I said… business plans are next to useless in the real marketplace. However, writing a business plan forces you to think through your business and further develop your business structure.

I am challenging you to write a business plan for your company today. If you have written one before, revise it and update it accordingly.

I also recommend that you do it yourself, do not hire a third party to do it for you, your business is your baby and you need to begin to obsess over your business and take charge of it. If you cannot write it yourself, you can work closely with someone to get it done for you. When I am tasked with preparing business plans for a client, I always make it a point of duty to ensure that I really involve them in the process.

The finished work; the final business plan should contain the intellectual output of the business owner/visionary.

Writing a business plan does 3 key things for you.

It brings clarity. A business plan defines what a business is and where it is headed, this along makes it super easy to take key decisions about the business in the future.

Business plans makes it easier to attract financing. No investor in her right senses will give you 1 kobo without asking for your business plan. The plan might not work, but it shows them that you are disciplined enough to have one and that you have spent quality time to think about what you are doing.

Business plans also helps to communicate more effectively and develop action plans.

The pros of having a plan outweighs the cons.

The business plan is important.

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Since 2014, #TMP has been empowering people to learn, collaborate & build out innovative business ideas. #TMP is an online innovation hub.
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Aliko Dangote, YOU and The last man over the finish line…

When I read Aliko Dangote’s Bloomberg interview earlier this year, I immediately asked everyone on my team to also read it. If you have not read, please click here and do so.

Of all the things I observed from the article, one of the things that struck me was that Dangote RARELY mentioned 2017 or even 2018. He kept talking about… the future: goals for 2020, 2025 and so on.

I found it interesting.

Here I was, working my butt off for 2017 and moving a few pieces into 2018, but in Dangote’s mind… he was already in 2020.

The last man to cross over into 2018 is a sissy.

Right now, I have moved my chess pieces into 2018, I have designed how my year will go, I am not waiting till December 31 before I crossover into 2018. I have already prayed my way into 2018 now, today.

I have gotten a feel of what 2018 will hold and I am working it out now.

Do not be the last man to cross into 2018.

That is a big waste of time.

I was discussing with a member of our community a few days ago and I was very impressed with his 2018 kick-off plans, this guy, a fresh graduate has already worked out the first 4 months of the year! With so much clarity and precision.

Please, do not be the last man over the finish line.

Some laggards will not begin 2018 until February!

Now, I am not saying all your plans will work out fine, 100%. You will still need to review them like every 3 months, but it is way better to have something in mind… than nothing at all.

Let’s do this.

What are the things you need to get done between January to March 2018??


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Quick strategies to begin acquiring more customers

There is this reader comment about my ebook, 7 Decisions That Will Decide Your Success that says “This book is a quick read but also surprisingly thought provoking. Here are 4 cardinal point this book will help you push to improve in 2018: your value,your market,your network and your sale (sic) strategy.”

I found the comment very interesting. A validation of the thinking and strategy I adopted.

The real magic here was that before writing the ebook, I had spent a lot of time thinking about the space and what I wanted to do. There is more to achieving success than just putting something out there.

You need to be deliberate.

When I knew I wanted to write an ebook about my thoughts, I started by taking a look around. Who would this book be for? Why would anyone read it? How are others doing it?

Right there.

That is the secret strategy people are using to get ahead these days.

How are others doing it?

Taking a look around is not copying… it is research! You are trying to learn what has worked well for others, this allows you to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, getting you started faster.

For example, if you are starting a fast food restaurant… I am betting you will most likely have red or yellow in your brand colours. Why? Those colours hit people’s emotions with respect to food more than any other colour!

Setting up for a tough journey is when you insist blue and green are your colours. They probably will not invoke the right feeling with people.

The important thing here is to always remember that people should be your focus, and not yourself. You do not build a big business around yourself, you build it around people.

Now, trying to understand people is a lot of work. I struggled for many years in my business because even though I had a lot of skills and passion to offer my customers, I did not really know how to get them.

Look, you don’t know what you don’t know. You might be an expert in your profession yet be unable to convert the expertise into a steady flow of clients and projects.

What would I say to you right now that would make you give me your money?

Getting people to pay for your products and services is hard. There is no free money anywhere! You have to earn it. If you do not have the right words, it will not work.

What would I say to you right now that would make you give me your money? How are others doing it?

If you need more customers for your business, go out there and look for the top 3 companies doing well in your industry. Do not pick more than 3.

Study them, how do they market? Where do they get their most customers from? How do they talk? What benefits of the business do they talk about the most? How do customers perceive them?

You want to find out which segments of their customers are not happy with their services and why. You want to understand why the approach of these companies are working so well, and how you can copy them and then improve upon it.

When you compile all this information from the top 3 companies in your space, then you will be ready to sit down to sort through the information you have gathered, then you will add your own unique spin to it.

This is the part where you identify what exactly is unique about you and now inject that into your own work. If you observe that your competitors focus more on pricing for example… there must be a reason. So, what you do is to ensure you address pricing in your own marketing also and then add a little extra.

It is very important that you do not ignore talking about what your customers want to hear about. Leverage the expertise of your competitors, they have been marketing to customers for a while and they have adapted over time, so when you learn from them, you are able to grow your business even faster.

There is another method I have, that one is a bit more aggressive. We use it to legally steal clients that are already buying from our competitors to start buying from us. However, I dare not explain it here.

It will not be fair to those who have paid us to learn it as part of our Digital Marketing Domination program.

I will share the simple way to steal clients from your competitors with you on the Digital Marketing Domination program (click here for info), enroll today… there is a special offer that expires December 22.

If I knew all these strategies when I was starting out, my first companies would not have failed!

So, keep it simple and stupid.

Just follow my advice as outlined here and you are good to go!


What would I say to you right now that would make you give me your money?

If you would love me to work with you one-on-one and help you develop a plan to attract new clients and legally steal clients from your competitors,  then join The Insiders Coaching and MasterMind program. Only 10 slots exist on the program, buy a slot before your competitors do!

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The fastest way to get new customers

The fastest way to get new customers these days is by leveraging the power of the internet and social media platforms.

It is very cheap to use them, but that does not mean it is easy.

There is a difference between cheap and easy guys… Cheap is when you open an Instagram account for free, anybody can do that. However, to religiously think about and post stuffs that will interest people is hard. That aspect is actually expensive, you see?

So, how can I use the Internet to sell more cars? Get people that can buy my bags of rice? Get new students for my school? Or grab some new clients?

Well, it requires becoming a bit technical.

The basic strategy is that you need to know your customers. Who are your real customers?

Do not answer in a few seconds, wrong. You need to rather take some time to really think about it… Think hard about it, let your brain sweat it.

Think directly about them, who they are and where they go and how they get things done.

Once you identify them, then proceed to the next hurdle: Where can you find them?

Are they online? (ofcourse, they are! They are all on Facebook…)

Which neighborhood do they stay?

How can you access them at a social gathering like a church or hangout?

The reason you struggle to get customers is because you do not know your customers, and so, you do not know where to access them.

Tomorrow, I will show you a brilliant way to solve your customer problems.

Look out for it!


My latest ebook: 7 Decisions That Will Decide Your Success In 2018 is now available as a FREE Download, exclusively for you. Grab yours at this link: 

Interested in building innovative business ideas?

Since 2014, #TMP has been empowering people to learn, collaborate & build out innovative business ideas. #TMP is an online innovation hub.
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The first step to converting a small business into a big business

As a business consultant of some repute for getting things done and transforming businesses I work with, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is this: “how do I grow my business?” in the context of… my business operation is small, need to make it bigger.

Indeed, this is a top-of-the-mind question for Entrepreneurs and business owners, especially after running the business for a couple of years.

Not everyone realises this, but funding is never the primary reason for failure to scale up a business. Serious.

Money is important in starting a business and keeping it running of course, I will never deny that. What I am really saying is that getting access to huge financing will not automatically fix your business challenges and make the company bigger.

Some things are more important than money in building a business. Some critical life skills are among them.

To transform your small business in to a big one, be ready to get organised.

Yes, so simple. Yet one of the biggest challenge small business owners face is the challenge of getting organised.

If you cannot organise yourself and manage your time effectively, you cannot grow bigger. This is simple logic.

You have only 24 hours in a day, within 24 hours… you must generate all the money you want to generate, there is no extra time anywhere else.

In order to do that, you must learn how to use your own 24 hours most effectively.. round the clock optimisation and how to also “borrow” the time of others so that together you can achieve more than if you guys worked individually.

You must learn how to organise yourself… then you must learn how to build, and manage an organization.

You cannot lead others if you cannot lead yourself, that is a major disaster brewing.

If you do not take these first steps, you might just be never able to realise your dream of converting your smaller business operation into a larger one.

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The easy parts and hard parts about building a business

There might be a million things to do every day with regards to building a business, however… at its core. Business is not so complicated.

A lot of Entrepreneurs (myself included), can easily explain their business model in like 10 lines of text. Nothing complicated.

The core of business is about fulfilling a need; solving a problem people know that they have.

The hard part is execution.

Making money is easy, the hard part is figuring out how to consistently keep making the money and how to scale up your operations, so that you can consistently be making more money.

That is why for long term success, we have to commit to 2 things: a vision and consistent capacity development.

You can never grow your business and make money beyond the scope of your vision and the amount of capacity you have developed.

It is simply impossible to do so.

You need to start to exist for reasons beyond making money so that you will not starve to death (spoiler alert: you do not need to start a business to survive). When people dabble into business building without a vision, they do not succeed in the long term.

They may make some money, even millions in business, but without that overall vision driving them, things eventually stall and the downward spiral begins.

A related issue is building capacity.

Some people’s mind can simply not handle anything serious.

The first time I started thinking about making millions from my business, I realised back then that it would be hard to maintain and service so many customers if I was serious about scaling my business into millions.

It is simply a lot of work.

Some people only have the capacity to run a multi-thousand naira business, nothing more.

A few have developed the capacity to run business in millions. They can handle it.

Good news is that anybody can decide to develop this capacity to handle serious things if they care to do so.

Going forward, as technology closes the gap and wipes out a lot of jobs, it becomes more and more important for you to develop a vision and the capacity to build it out on a large scale.

You cannot continue to play small for too long.

The formula for running a business is easy, but getting it done is hard. You need to get to work now.

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Since 2014, #TMP has been empowering people to learn, collaborate & build out innovative business ideas. #TMP is an online innovation hub.
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Breaking Forth… (Checkpoint 2017)

I set a tons of goals for myself last year and I went all out to try to nail them. Every. Single. One.

I discovered what men have always discovered: goal setting is easy to do on paper but difficult to pull off.

My core mission is to help people become the best version of themselves, that is the mission. In order to achieve this, I build powerful solutions that greatly enhances how people live, work and play. I also do a lot of teaching, training and rigorous discipleship.

And since November 8 is my birthday, I figured it was a great day to reflect on the journey and see how to go from here.

How is it going?

I tried to nail every goal I set last year, while I smashed some of the goals and performed well on some others, some of the bigger goals did not play out so fine. 

I am yet to develop a community of 10, 000 entrepreneurial minded people and Gistcaster is far from working well enough for me to open up and do the massive push I want to.

I take solace in the fact that we performed extremely well in other micro goals. Out of nowhere; we built 2 highly engaged and interactive community in the space of a year. Even if it is not 10, 000 man strong. 

It all taught me to be persistent. Until the goal is achieved, we have to continue trying to find a way. 
Our training and discipleship initiatives has been opened up to more people and we are able to impact a lot of people in short time. The Qahal is really taking shape!

Overall, I am in a much better position than I was when I last wrote my checkpoint in 2016.

I ended up rebranding GYB into Morebise Wealthy Network, and the Digital Jobs for Ikere-Ekiti Youth initiative is looking good as we have managed to generate more awareness about what we are trying to do and creating anticipation about our next moves.

This year, we attracted attendees from neighboring cities and states for our workshops and seminars and interned several attendees, helping them to further master acquired skills.

One thing that really moved the needle for me this year has been my digital marketing skills. I invested a lot into strengthening my skills in that regard early this year and it paid off big.

I do not think I have cracked the pot open yet, but the feeling is great.

I had to exercise some caution though: marketers tend to play a loose relationship with the stark Truth and that is one boundary I will never cross. So, I take what I am comfortable with and throw away the rest.

I am not an information marketer. I transform people by subjecting them to training and discipline. See?

Anyways, I have certainly experienced a great leap all around… and now, I must do more.

Looking ahead

Personally, I am focused on developing a stronger character, integrity and excellence going forward.

I have proven I can be consistent in my work, I am “very stubborn and quite arrogant” – nothing more to see here. I also gave up on the conventional focus several years ago and it is working for me.

By conventional standards, I am not focused and I intend to keep it that way.

However… I realise that you need a strong character and high level integrity if you will last long on this path I have chosen.

So, I want my words to be my bond.

I want my words to carry power.

I want my words to mean something.

If we add work to our agenda. It must get done, not to be shifted!

Oh! when will I become like the Lord… He declares what he wants and then sets out to work it out… without excuses.

Men will make more progress when we also declare what needs to be done and then set out to work it out.

I want to be a man of my word.

This new year, one of the most important things for me to do is to grow our community.

I must grow my following and expand the community.

I have a message: “Wealth creation through inventing and innovating and executing ideas excellently”. I realise this message is important because it seems to me that it could be the key to destroy poverty once and for all!

I want to grow a following of at least 100, 000 people over the next year. I also have managed to actually break this down a bit into how fast I must grow every month.

I have taken a final decision with regards to #TMP, it will become a weekly affair.

I have to work harder on my Facebook page and YouTube channel, using them as a vehicle to push into the hearts and minds of new people.

I am also *completely* focused on growing our 3 major platforms:

Wealthy Network: training, empowering and creating opportunity for every member. I am flirting with an idea I call Wealth Builder… a system that will help people to build lasting wealth.

It is all still quite fuzzy, but basically… you will be able to save your money and then grow your money through positive peer pressure, proper education, empowerment and investment opportunities.

CloudPitcher: Working with Entrepreneurs to start, run and scale their companies online. This is my major cash cow and a conventional business.

We have developed a couple of marketplaces here and will do more in this new year. We kept YangaExpress shut down as we ended up deciding to retool OneCrier into a life changing downloads marketplace.

For me, I felt digital downloads is a no-brainer. A low hanging fruit I can quickly grab and then scale up.

Gistcaster: my location based information and interaction system that has been my obsession since 2009 or so.

We actually have beautiful plans for this, but the route we are taking is quite a slow one. Age has slowed me down… I mean that in a good way.

Growing a project like Gistcaster takes a lot of patience and contentment. I have developed both traits.

These things are not easy, but that is fine. Some of us are just cut out to take things hard, so that billions of others can take things easy. 

So, 2017 was not the breakout year we were waiting for, but I’ll just give it another go! 

I have a feeling that this new year will entail a lot of work that will result in a very dramatic result. 

I just remain cool, calm and pressing forward with greater determination. 

My super power might be that I mean things I say and never never give up! 

I am Ade – kankun – mola – nrewaju, son of Olanrewaju Morebise

Happy Birthday to me! The Inveterate Schemer!


I have nothing to say about family and relationships this year, but when I write up my checkpoint next year (If God permits me), I am sure I will have something zabar to write about.


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