About #TMP

What started a simple daily blog in 2014 has today evolved into a daily devotional for young upwardly mobile professionals.

#TMP which stands for THE MOREBISE POST, has inspired, motivated, educated and empowered thousands of readers over the years to step up and produce the best work they can.

We are obsessed with our mission to make a daily devotional that will make our readers smarter and better positioned for tomorrow.

With #TMP, we are empowering professionals with knowledge, information and ideas they need in order to give their output a boost. If you love becoming a bit smarter every single day, you will love #TMP.

With a focus on technology, business and innovation in the African continent, around here, we discuss the future of work, the state of the industries we play in, what companies are getting right (or not) and how the professional world can be a better place.

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