HOW TO: Give your customers what they really need

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has not really hidden the fact that his obsession with “delighting” his customers is what has made him so successful.

We have to really offer value to our customers; thoughtfully thinking about them and offering something truly valuable.

It is amazing the number of businesses that does not do this… Unconsciously, they make the business about them and not about the customer.

Any business we do not build with the customer first in mind will not deliver a lot of value.

When we fail to deliver real value, we will not make any impact and our revenue will feel it too.

How to give them what they really need

First, you have to feel their pain. A smart question we need to ask our target customers more often is: “What is your biggest frustration with (insert the problem your company solves) right now?”

This will help us to see things the way they also see it.

Once we can feel their pain, then we need to head out and solve it completely. We must learn to go the extra mile for our customers. They are our tribe members you know?

We must solve all the problems they have and then deliver even more than they expect.

Yes, it is like that infamous politician that promised to under-promise but over-deliver… expect that we will actually over-deliver upon everything we set out to do.

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