Marathon mode activated yet?

Sooner or later you figure it out; this thing is a marathon… not a dash. 

Web or not. 

Social media growth hack or not. 

You need patience… and about 10 years to become massively successful. 

I discovered that even though we have massive tools to distribute our ideas, businesses and projects faster in this age… 

Success is still not guaranteed. 

I speak from my first-hand observations of successful people I know and how my own journey is playing out. 

Don’t be in a hurry… and don’t join the fake it till you make it gang; doing so always makes things worse!

So, the key thing is to develop a sound long term strategy and patiently execute. 

Do not commit the sin of thinking it’s not working… when you have not even given it some time to stabilise. 

It will work out – it always does… 

You might just need to settle down for the long haul. 

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