When you start from nothing

Someone once fumed: “I made him what he his today and now see how he is biting the fingers that fed him”, to which he received the reply: “Go and make another one!”.

If you have done something once before, you can certainly do it a second time… repeat over and over again.

This is why it is good for you to start from nothing.

A lot of people started building their wealth from nothing.

You not having the resources you think you needed will force you to go out in full force, developing the much needed tenacity to keep going… even when the chips are down.

People who make it in life are those who have developed the tenacity to keep forging ahead no matter what may come their way.

You can really learn what works, and how to work the system… and then how to tweak the system and make it better.

Never be afraid of starting from nothing…

In fact, starting from nothing is the best way to start.

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