It is not about the amount of money you spend

Does the richest guy always get the girl? 

I know opinions will be divided on this… but y’all know the truth…

When it comes to wooing a woman, the right strategy is better than trying to buy your way into her heart… haha (I don’t want anybody asking me if I speak from experience… haha)

A sound business strategy is key to survival. 

Don’t just be spending money… throwing money at the problem is rarely the answer. 

You need to sit still and think clearly about how you can grow your business. If nothing comes up, look for consultants that know what they are doing… 

Haha.. you know that not all consultants know what they are doing, right? 

Better still, why not invest in learning? Big business builders are always learning, always networking with like minded people and forming alliances. 

Smart Business Builders know that they cannot always out spend the competition and so they try to out think them instead! 

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