Is your passion project 3 years away?

There is an interesting set of people I meet everyday, people who are very passionate about a certain idea for a business, or non-profit and are keen to start working on it in about 3-5 years time.

The thing is that after another 3 years, they are still 3-5 years from launching it.

In fact, they are always 3 – 5 years away from kicking off the venture!

I wonder if you know someone in this category of people… or perhaps you are also in this category.

I understand that we need resources to start; funds, an awesome and supportive team, and a gazillion other things come to mind.

However, you need to realise that if you fail to start, you will begin to stink.

Start it or watch as the vision begins to stagnate and stink.

What you really need is some bravery.

Men are brave.

Be brave.

You will not sink.

Now, there is a difference between starting a business and launching one.

We have been working on our new online marketing platform: CloudPitcher for several months now, however… We are yet to launch it.

You start a business the day you conceive it.

You launch it the day you open your doors to the public.

I have nearly a dozen projects my team and I have started, but have not launched yet.

So… those projects are no longer 3 – 5 years away, we have designed processes, things we need to do, things we need to cross off the list.

Think about it: If you are really 5 years away from launching your passion project, if we ask for the status by December this year, your response should be that you are 4 years and 9 months away from launching… no longer 5 years.

In my small mind, that is the proof that you are working on it.

Your projects don’t have to be forever trapped, start working today if you are really serious about launching them in 3 years time.


This September, I am leading some interesting people on the journey to building using my well tested 7 step process. I should have interesting updates every now and then. (You can still join in by the way)


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