If all you have is a hammer…

We have been trying to decode why the most powerful company in the world failed at social media… 

I got some interesting responses yesterday. Very interesting responses… 

For example, Victor; one of our members pointed out that Instagram and Snapchat started after Google+ and both have gone on to become hit social platforms in their own right. 

Interesting… yeah? 

Anyways, why do I think Google struggles to nail it when it comes to social? (None of you raised this point, BTW) 

I remember that wise saying that “If all you have is a hammer… then the whole world becomes a nail” 

Picture this: try going through the day using only a hammer for all tasks. 

You would have to hammer open locked doors (no keys mate!), hammer the tap to start running, hammer your smartphone to launch the blue app… 

Ok, you get the picture. 

So, until quite recently after some interesting acquisitions, Google lacked any serious knowledge about social platforms and what makes them tick. 

They always thought it was a tech problem… they where wrong. 

Social platforms are about the people. Not about the tech. 

Nobody cares about who has the better tech when it comes to social… just ask Telegram #CaseClosed 

That is why even though they built very cool social apps. Nobody used them. 

They were used to hammering at everything with their tech hammer, but now, to win at social demanded a different kind of toolset. 

Some people are going about their business this very way… They lack a truly diverse tool set that can crack open different sets of problems. 

Don’t be that guy! 

You don’t go through your day using only the hammer, you also need keys, a vacuum cleaner, and sometimes… your hands will do. 

We must realise that running an innovative business requires extensive tooling and equipping. 

You have to learn all you can and try applying different approaches to challenges you face. 

That is why you must build a truly diverse team and get some partners you can collaborate with. 

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