Analysing how the most powerful company in the world failed at social media…

There was this powerful internet company, arguably the most innovative company of our time…. yet they where struggling to have a social platform that could host conversation and community. 

They at first denied it was a problem…. then later they decided it was a threat and then swung in to fix it. 

They started to throw all sorts of social apps and platforms out there… without any overall strategy or rhythm… 

The whole social push sucked. 

The whole project failed. 

Infact, one day… we woke up and found out we now had a social network attached to our email inbox! 

24 hours later, the whole world agreed the idea to add some buzz to our email was a bad one and the company quietly started winding down the project. 

Till today, this company is yet to own or control any meaningful platform where people converse and host community. 

They just kept failing at everything…. do you wonder why? 

Me too. 

Why do you think the all-powerful, un-touchable Google could not win the social media game? 

Let me have your thoughts. 

I will share mine tomorrow…. 

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