It begins with the customer, it always does.

A classic rookie mistake we all make: we begin our projects by focussing on our initial idea.

This is why sometimes, we make things that are technically awesome, but irrelevant to anybody. I see companies spend many many years working on projects only to emerge with something that has no practical use case.

I understudied a man that wanted to start a very common type of business.

Personally, I was skeptic about his chances, I mean… why play in the mud?

However, he pointed out that he could truely make a different if he got the right angle. And so, he got to work, making research upon research. Talking to the target audience.

Working hand-in-hand with the target customer, he identified pain points, frustrations and sweet spots.

When he finally launched; he won.

He won BIG.

It always starts with the customer! This was the biggest lesson I learnt earlier this year after I invested some serious cash into taking a marketing class.. My trainer explained over and over again: You need to know your customers intimately.

What gives them the biggest headache?

What frustrates them?

What do they aspire to become?

What is their dream lifestyle like?

How can you now make a product/service that helps them get everything they want?


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