The major learning for me as my daily blog clocks 3

It feels good to see that #TMP clocks 3 today. 3 years of publishing posts in here; 866 posts racked up in that period of time.

The major learning for me is that nobody is able to truly know what they are capable of doing until they set out to find out.

The human spirit is limitless, but unless you try to find your limits, you will spend your whole time dancing and slaving out within the 0.1% of your true potentials.

2017 has been a period of great experimentation for me, this daily blog made me realise I could do so much more and so, this year I have done things like Facebook Live video, podcast and group chats.

In the end, sometimes… the basics are just fine.

What I want is just a vehicle for my thoughts to get out there, in front of an audience as large as possible.

I want to ring the bells of innovation and excellence.

See, since 2007, I have been building out my ideas… started with the site (now defunct of course).

Then moved on to other things, converting my ideas into projects, businesses and fantastic startups. Building highly innovative businesses.

I build innovative businesses, that is what I do. I am very busy building out my own empire of PROFITABLE tech business startup ideas and I aim to help you do the same by sharing the same thoughts driving all these projects through this medium.

For #TMP, this is a new lease of life.

On paper, I know I will keep writing this daily blog for a long time. However, the reality just dawns on me this morning – 3 years – wow! – and that is the thing about experiential knowledge.

Don’t be a writer, be writing

Don’t be an engineer, be engineering

Don’t be an innovator, be continuously innovating!

You never know what you are capable of doing until you set out to try. I never would have imagined keeping a daily blog for this long until I tried.


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