Monthly Archive February 2017

ByAdemola Morebise

One of the greatest tragedy that could befall a man…

…is when a person cannot accurately estimate himself, his abilities and true strength.

If you cannot accurately access your standing, you fall into self-deceit and you cannot grow.

We now live in a polite society where nobody is willing to tell you their real assessment of you, more than ever before you need to be able to criticize yourself and look for all the things you are doing wrong and how you can get better.

If you keep singing praises to yourself everyday and proclaiming that all is well, when it obviously isn’t. You have yourself to blame in the long.

When the world deceives you,

When your family members shy away from the truth,

When your friends lead you on,

Do yourself a favour: do not deceive yourself.


Do I have an accurate sense of my true capabilities or am I overhyping myself?


A little humility and honesty is key. What is my real level? How much more do I need to learn and do?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Everyone an Entrepreneur

There are some age-old arguments about what the word Entrepreneur means and those qualified to be called Entrepreneurs. There is endless debate on whether everybody can become an Entrepreneur; Some experts have even gone ahead to suggest that Entrepreneur can be considered to be a job title.

I want to steer clear of all that and simply state that: everybody needs entrepreneurial training.

Learning to think and work as an Entrepreneur is incredibly empowering and it gives you an edge in any position you find yourself. One of the best things that happened to me was that I was able to (accidentally) learn entrepreneurship as a student in the university trying to convince people to sign up for the social media site I had built.

My entrepreneurial skills really transformed everything I do, even outside conventional business settings.

Entrepreneurial thinking forces you to take the initiative and get things done. Deciding on a bigger picture and getting the resources needed to make it all happen.

The global trend is that jobs are disappearing as software is becoming smarter, in that job-less future, the Entrepreneurs and their business systems will be one model that will continue to work.

Yes, in the future, everyone will have to be an Entrepreneur.


Do I apply entrepreneurial thinking and methods in my daily business processes?


Learn and practice entrepreneurial skills, develop yourself to become an Entrepreneur.