Chaos precedes order

Things sometimes need to get messy before they can get better and greater.

If one is not encountering new challenges and obstacles, I fear the fellow is not trying to make any serious advancement.

There is a lot of chaos right now at my HQ as we restructure so that we can serve more people this year, this is taking its toll on things like #TMP and other projects.

I am not happy that #TMP’s delivery has been sporadic, but really until the chaos is all sorted out around here, there is little I can do.

What I do know is that chaos precedes order. If things do not become chaotic, they cannot really improve.

My goal for 2017 is to increase my reach, impact and earning over 10x what it was last year. This was never going to be an easy feat…

It has required a lot of learning, a lot of trusting and a lot of restructuring that has really gotten things all out-of-place temporarily.

I am confident everything will start working more efficiently again. Chaos does precedes order, isn’t it?


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