Are your efforts not just useless in the long run?

When I called to say I was canceling my event, people thought I was finally losing it.

I had spent a lot of time and resources into organising the event and when it was time for full publicity to start, I rather announced I was no longer going ahead.

This is why: these days, the first task you have to do is to develop (or borrow) a platform, if you are in it for the long haul, you need to build a platform. There is simply no other way to effectively find and connect with the people you seek to serve.

You have to erect that lighthouse in the midst of the dark seas, that men may find you and draw near.

A lot of organisation still invest so much money and resources into events, yet, without having a platform that ties it all together… it is all a waste in the long term.

This is 2017, get to work. Build a Platform.

Do you already have a platform? Are you currently building one? Talk to me. (Just hit the reply option)


Do I have a long term platform in place that I am growing with everything I do?


Get to work, build a platform


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