Monthly Archive January 2017

ByAdemola Morebise

What you know might not be important

Your life is a reflection of things you do and not just things you know. You might know exactly the things you need to know, but unless you somehow commit to get them done, nothing will happen.

Discipline; self-discipline, therefore might just be the key to moving ahead and attaining higher levels of productivity.

You need to commit to doing the right thing at the right time. Regardless of how you feel or what is going on.

This is why you probably need a coach. Most of the time, a coach tells us stuff we already know… but their presence raises the stakes. Suddenly, you are accountable to someone whose job it is to ensure that you succeed.

It is not likely you can discipline yourself by yourself in the initial stages, that is why some of us went through discipleship at the hands of masters of our craft.

Learning a craft is not just about the knowledge itself, every craft has its own unique disciplinary requirements which may NOT be part of the standard curriculum.

Investing time and money into improving your levels of discipline is a very smart move.

Don’t waste your life, seek out a master, a mentor or hire a coach.

Dial up the discipline dial.


How is my discipline level reducing my performance, concentration and speed?


Look for how you can become more disciplined to following through plans on time. If you need external help, hire a coach you will pay and respect, set goals your relationship with the coach must achieve.



ByAdemola Morebise

We want it in a bang

I think most new year resolutions fail because when we plan out such, we want to change too much too soon.

We want everything to change in a bang. Then it doesn’t.

You are better off with smaller changes to your habits every now and then. You do not need a new year’s day to take critical decisions about your life and future.

You do not need a special occasion before taking decisions that will do your life good. You can start something positive any day.

Just go one step at a time.


What big changes do you need to see in your life? Can you break them into smaller and more easily manageable steps?


Go one step at a time. Commit to working on that small step for the next 21 days, and thereafter reviewing it to see how effective and then find a path forward.