Monthly ArchiveJanuary 2017

ByAdemola Morebise

We want it in a bang

I think most new year resolutions fail because when we plan out such, we want to change too much too soon.

We want everything to change in a bang. Then it doesn’t.

You are better off with smaller changes to your habits every now and then. You do not need a new year’s day to take critical decisions about your life and future.

You do not need a special occasion before taking decisions that will do your life good. You can start something positive any day.

Just go one step at a time.


What big changes do you need to see in your life? Can you break them into smaller and more easily manageable steps?


Go one step at a time. Commit to working on that small step for the next 21 days, and thereafter reviewing it to see how effective and then find a path forward.