Facebook for marketing might be harder than you think, here’s why

ByAdemola Morebise

Facebook for marketing might be harder than you think, here’s why

I was on Facebook the other day and saw a friend creating a group to sell her wares. I kept an eye on her project, weeks and months went by, nothing of significant economic value was happening in her group.

Like most people, you might have heard that it is possible to use social media platforms like Facebook groups for example to grow your business, but what you failed to notice is just how much effort, thought and planning goes into such endeavors.

There are people that use Facebook groups to sell products and services in range of 5 – 6 figures or more, consistently, every month.

If you aspire to join their ranks, move closer and learn. They must have a method, a playbook they follow that guarantees them success week after week.

Things are not usually as easy as they seem.


Am I underestimating how hard it is to use social media to grow my business and influence?


Do some research, learn how it really works. You can seek out expert guidance.


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