Is your business sleeping every night? Let’s fix that

As I laid down to sleep, I had an epiphany a few weeks ago… it dawned on me that my business should not also go to sleep.

Even if my laptop is powered off and all my human team members are also taking a well deserved night rest, our businesses should remain active, seeking out new customers and generating leads.

This was not a fantasy… using technology that already exists, this can be done. So, I jumped out of bed and grabbed my laptop, was my business going to sleep?? No way!

It took me a few hours, and I identified exactly how I would keep things going while I went to sleep. So… let’s just say I sleep better at night now.

You see, in the near future, all business support services, non-core business work will be completely handled by automated systems and now is a great time to get a head start.

If you are willing to see your business website as a staff member that is awake 24 hours everyday, then perhaps you can also set goals and resources towards making it a more efficient member of the team.


Does my business go to sleep every night as soon as I close my eyes?


Look for how you can build automated systems that work in the business round the clock. You can talk to me about it.


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