Educate your mind

In this fast, all connected world, it is a real irony that the number of people moving around without any real knowledge about things is also increasing.

Information overload and yet basic knowledge is lacking. All we have now is fast media, high on noise and low on quality and depth.

My advice: do not fall for it. Having real knowledge is always going to get you ahead and give you a real edge over everyone else. You need sound information, not cheap thrills.

You do not need a quick fix or a cool gimmick that will give you an edge for a while, only for it to be a passing fad.

Let us be honest, real and useful information is not likely to be gotten from all those messages circulating on Whatsapp and Facebook, you will have to do some digging and research. You need to commit to educating your mind with real knowledge and becoming a bit smarter everyday.

You read #TMP already, that is a good start, but you need to do more.

Seek understanding and clarity on the critical issues of your life, career and purpose.


Am I really educating my mind daily with the kind of info I consume?


Seek and ye shall find. Look for good materials that are high in quality and depth, learn the basic fundamentals and educate your mind.

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