There are leaps a person needs to make to move forward in life. The first has to be moving from nothing to small thing.

You have to plan to move up the ladder, and you really need to face facts and realise that you might not be able to go from broke to billionaire overnight. You have to grow measure by measure, getting a bit stronger and wiser every single day.

There are things you have the capacity to do and things you cannot.

I have been challenging students of higher institutions I come across to start thinking about how they can make NGN10k every month from tangible business and services. As a serving youth corper in Nigeria, think about how NGN20k  can be made every month.

I know, NGN 10k per month is small money, but we have to start somewhere my friends. If you do 10k per month in 2017, in 2018 you set a goal of 30k per month… by 2020, if you are consistent, you will be ready mentally to make millions every month.

When I was a student, nobody challenged me to think this way, but when I was a serving youth corper, I was able to do better.

 I am making the challenge now…. start thinking! In your campus or assigned community, how can you provide value and make money?

Just don’t sit idle and join the chorus: “recession! recession!! recession!!!”

Move from NOTHING to SMALL THING in 2017. That is the best thing you can do for yourself.


How can I start making money from tangible business and services I can run from around me?


Get to work. Set goals and smash them, move from NOTHING to SMALL THING, from SMALL THING to SOMETHING and then to BIG THING.


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