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ByAdemola Morebise

On the weekend escapist (Or why you should not TGIF)

Many people look forward to fridays as an escape from the working hell they chose from mondays to fridays.

I find it interesting because they chose it by themselves.

In this modern age that you can make money from anything. I really mean anything! (Some people are even paid to sleep! I am serious, google it!), why do you not look for how you can make money from things that genuinely interest you?

If you are in a job that you hate and you keep complaining and crying everyday, never for a moment think that you do not have an option, that is a lie from hell’s pit. You always have an option.

You need to find a way to make your work play, and your play work… that is where your real gold is.

I love solving problems and cracking puzzles and making things. This is why building websites and apps is a very enjoyable hobby for me. When I sit at my workstation, tackling the day’s work, it looks like play.

I am singing and humming and mocking myself when I make silly mistakes in the code. Not everybody can enjoy sitting at a desk for so long, and that’s ok.

Some people love sitting on social media for 24hours a day, but they are not making any money from it. That is sad. If you have a decent followership on any popular social media platform, you can make money from that! (Have you ever heard about “shop this look?”, google it!)

My point is this: thank God its friday because you have done a great job this week and want to rest a little before you return on monday to continue. Don’t do TGIF because you are working in a hell-hole and need to escape from hell for 48 hours.

ByAdemola Morebise

Business in the open market

One reason many Nigerian business powerhouses cannot thrive outside Nigeria is because the people running those businesses do not know how to run business in an open market. A place where the forces of demand and supply, the market forces are allowed to run free.

Are you really a business tycoon if you cannot thrive except you have concessions and enjoy some largesse from the government?

If you are serious about running business at a global scale, be equipped with an appropriate strategy. We should stop thinking we can always bend the hands of the government to skew the playing field or tilt it to our favour.

Many big Nigerian businesses cannot survive outside the country, they cannot even thrive in Benin Republic! They are not built on real business tenets, they are instead built on lobbying and greasing palms here and there.

The Nigerian public was able to shut down the ridiculous plan to impose a “data price floor” that would have seen MTN have to double its data tariff prices. Where is the sense or strategy in forcing Glo to more than triple the prices of its data offerings?

We need to be more concerned about the ones we never even heard about. There are many shady and questionable deals like that been brokered everyday in the higher echelons of Government, skewing things so that their chosen people can succeed in business. Crazy.

Until we all learn how to do business in a truly open market, we can never arise and become more than just local champions. We can never come up with real innovative and breakthrough ideas.

***Glo currently retails data for much cheaper than MTN, yet I remain a loyal MTN customer. Etisalat data plans remains relatively expensive, yet they still have subscribers. The NCC and the Nigerian Government should stay out of this.

Let the best team win.


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