Wealth Creation, not Poverty Alleviation

I prefer to focus on creating wealth, not just poverty alleviation.

As long as poverty alleviation remains a thing, people will keep on coming up with crappy ideas and Africa will forever continue to be recipient of foreign aids.

Aliko Dangote, ranked this year as the 68th most powerful person alive has always told the foreign powers to stop giving aids and start making investments instead. That is the way to go.

If we keep framing our problems in terms of eliminating poverty, we cannot come up with really great ideas. The quality of ideas that fall under wealth creation are much higher than ideas for alleviating poverty.

Wealth creation is not the same thing as poverty alleviation.

We are no longer interested in alleviating poverty. We want to shift our focus to creating wealth. Real, long lasting wealth…. then let us see if poverty will not also disappear.


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