The real job of a teacher

The real job of a teacher is not really to hold the student’s hands and baby-sit, cajole and spoon feed everything. Nope.

The real job of a teacher is to set the student on fire. Ignite the student, break the fallow ground by explaining core concepts and be on hand to answer questions.

The rest should be up to the student.

There is no greater way to learn than when a student can pick herself up and commit to the process.

In a recent review of iBBN, I wrote myself off and decided it had failed, but then one of my students pointed out that I had taught him enough to do a lot of stuff and then he shared figures with me. I was wowed!

A greater number of those enrolled had done NOTHING with what I had taught them, but he was able to achieve A LOT. Same class, same resources, same teacher, but extremely different results.

So, maybe I am going about this training thing wrongly.

The real job of a teacher is to show the way, set the students on fire and let them reach for the stars. It might just be better that way in the long run.


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