Rushing for the deadline

Projects and deadlines are Siamese twins, you can never separate one from the other.

Deadlines seem to press us and force us to get to work, stretching us into our superhuman zones where anything suddenly becomes possible. However, once in a while, rushing for the deadline gets us into trouble.

It certainly gets me into trouble every now and then.

My day job is to build things – websites, mobile apps and these things require a lot of thought, much more thought than people give us credit for. A solution that is not well thought out creates more problems in the long term.

Sometimes, I am so much in a hurry that I start skipping on a few things, here and there…. until the whole thing comes crashing just on the eve of the deadline. This is bad. I lose my cool…

Then, I feel sorry for myself, I frown and go find a way to fix it…. and then we get on the phone to start explaining the challenge to the client who is ready to see some mindblowing product.

What I have tried to do in recent times is to avoid entering into panic mode. I try to stay cool, calm and composed, as if I have all the time in the world to get the job done.

I am learning that most times, the problem with rushing to beat a deadline is the rush in itself! If we are able to somehow just carry on as normal, work hard as we ought to, then we should be able to always beat a deadline.

Any deadline at all.

Ofcourse, because I never learn…. the cycle somehow still repeats itself again! He he he!

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