Morning Power

It seems to be a time tested fact that the mornings are the best part of the day for getting work done.

By morning, we seldom mean 8AM – 12 noon or thereabout, more like…. you know…. a great while before dawn. Think like from 2AM or so.

There is a morning freshness, there is a morning strength that you can learn to tap into and use to solve your biggest challenges. When you wake up at 5AM, and get to your cubicle at work by 8AM after sitting through traffic for 2 hours, settling back into a work rhythm might not be so smooth again.

Creatives usually have weird working hours, flipping the day (working at night, sleeping during daytime) is a very common M.O.

So, I recently decided to try to tap into the strength of the morning by moving a 4 hour work shift into that space. I am currently trying to do 3AM – 7AM everyday.

It is not as easy as it seems…. but it looks doable.

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