Are you limited to a 4% reality?

All the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4% of the universe. The other 96% is made of stuff scientists can’t see, detect or even comprehend.

Yes, seriously…. science can only account for 4% of the physical universe and none of the spiritual landscape.

Come on! Don’t tell me its not stupid to disregard 96% of the physical universe and the entire spiritual landscape just because it doesn’t make sense.

Like The Ancient One one said in that movie; “Not everything will make sense. Not everything has to make sense!”

Why don’t you tap into extra power and abilities? Why don’t you awaken your spirit!


I am a Christian and my spirit has been awakened. It is only natural or me to counsel you to seek awakening through Christian methods, it works! Get born again and baptised in the Holy Ghost and settle in a bible believing church around you.


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