The Nigerian technologist…

The typical Nigerian technologist is a local champion. He goes to market to trade with the 2.1% knowledge he has and brags as though he at a higher level than he really is.

We cannot make any meaningful progress if we settle for the label “Nigerian Developer/Designer/Technologist”. I must not be a Nigerian Techie! I need to work hard and become a Techie living in Nigeria…

Our tech community (and pretty much most other communities) is well seated in the pits of mediocrity, cheering each other on… unto more mediocrity!

Our competition is no longer the web developer next door, the competition is now global. You can outsource digital jobs to any part of the globe, you are no longer as indispensable as you think.

Everyone has to be on their toes, constantly aspiring to be world-class standards compliant.

We need to ask ourselves the tough question: “What can the Nigerian Tech community offer the world?”


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